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I’ve been tagged

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Barbara Frank (see her blog here) tagged me. 

So, here are Seven True Things About Me:

1.  I was only planning on having 2 children!  (Thankfully, the Lord changed my heart on that one.)

2.  I’ve performed in the musicals "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum", "Singing in the Rain," and "Into the Woods."

3.  I grew up in El Paso, Texas.

4.  Some things that make me laugh:  "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," "Farside" comics, and my husband.

5.  I lived in Holland and Libya as a preschooler.

6.  I’m passionate for homeschooling and breastfeeding.

7.  I gave my life to Christ at age nine and love Him even more today!

I tag jenstaxi, mhabrych and Michelle.

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  2. REInvestor says:

    I wanted to tell you that we do have a website for our new business. I haven't posted it b/c of the fact that the website gives our home address and I don't really want to much linking happening between my blog and the website. But I will be happy to email it to you and you may look at it for your own interest and education. I am hoping to get a blog for the stove business on the site in the next few weeks and then post items of interest to stove buyers, but nothing really about our family there.

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