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Intro to All About Reading Level 3 & Level 4 Now Available

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I was so proud of my 9-year-old daughter for finishing All About Reading 2 last year.  It wasn’t easy for her, but I saw so much improvement!  One of the best things about All About Reading is that it follows a specific set of activities, so she knew what to expect each day that we worked on it.  We usually took 2-4 days to finish a lesson, but that’s OK.  She’s learning to read.  Hooray!

Here is the order that we do for each lesson:

1.  Review phonograms and words from the flashcards

2.  Learn something new using our magnetic white board and tiles

3.  Practice on an activity sheet  AAR_Level3_Swing-into-Reading_Pages

4.  Read words and phrases in the student book

5.  Learn new words on flashcards

Then the next lesson includes practicing words and phrases that will be in the story and reading the story!


Now, I’m happy to share with you All About Reading Level 3.  I can see that we will be delving into more complicated phonograms and adding some much for difficult sight words.  She will be at a much higher reading level when we complete this level.

If you are looking for a reading curriculum that is very well-researched and is easy for the teacher/mom to teach, check out All About Reading!


All About Reading has now come out with Level 4.  Here are some a free download of the first activity sheet in Level 4, “Eagles Learn to Fly.” It’s designed to review words learned in Level 3, so your child will be ready to tackle the new concepts in Level 4. It’s even customizable so you can add your own words!




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