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Help Your Kids Learn to Be Better Friends With Adventures in Odyssey

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For years our kids have listened to, and enjoyed, the Adventures in Odyssey audios. So, when I was offered a complimentary set to review the newest, I was thrilled to accept. Read on for how you can help your kids learn to be better friends with Adventures in Odyssey.

Help Your Kids Learn to Be Better Friends with Adventures in Odyssey, audiobooks for your homeschool

I was compensated for my time reviewing this product and writing this honest review.

Specifically, we listened to Adventures in Odyssey (AIO #63) Up in the Air from Focus on the Family.

Adventures in Odyssey audiobooks for your homeschool

Stories in this Adventures in Odyssey set

The set contains 2 CDs and 5 episodes. Here is a synopsis of each.

  • Find a Penny, parts 1 and 2 ~ Wooten returns from his honeymoon unable to find his wife Penny or remember anything from the past week. As he and his friends work through clues, they discover a criminal plot. This was a fun and exciting episode because I love mysteries and FBI investigation-type stories.
  • Friend or Foe ~ Set in the high school scene, Jules makes an unwise friend named Valerie. Buck helps her see the truth and make better decisions in friends. I thought this story would be good for teens but was a bit above the heads of my older kids.
  • Have a Heart ~ A story of a boy who returns to school after being gone for month. Previously a bully, he’s now kind and is asking forgiveness of those he used to be mean to. When we find out why he has changed, it really pulls on your heartstrings. This one made me cry!
  • B-TV: Revenge ~ Short vignettes on the theme of revenge and why it isn’t a good idea to pursue. Bible stories get a new ending, and there is a fun twist on the story The Count of Monte Cristo.  It was clever, but I prefer the full stories to these short vignettes.
  • Crash Course ~ Another story of friendship where Buck and Jules make some unwise decisions in not following rules or doing what their guardians said to do. More great lessons learned in this story!

What I Loved about the Family Audiobooks

We have always enjoyed listening to Adventures in Odyssey stories while on family road trips or during afternoon quiet times. They are so well produced, well written, and well acted. I rarely hear an episode I don’t like. They teach wonderful family and biblical values. Our family has learned more about understanding the Christian worldview, Bible stories, events in history, and how to simply interact better with others.

If you have never listened to any Adventures in Odyssey, the overlying story is based on people who live in the town of Odyssey. The main character is Mr. Whitaker, who owns the ice cream parlor Whit’s End. He is the wise older man whom everyone loves and respects.

Here I am visiting “Whit’s End” with my family on a vacation in Colorado Springs:

Nebraska,Colorado Vacation 224


I highly recommend these Christian audiobooks for your homeschooling family! Maybe a great Christmas present? Get the Adventures in Odyssey kids CDs here.

Listening to the Adventures in Odyssey CDs

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Focus On The Family is giving away 30 CDs! U.S. residents only, please.

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(Disclosure: All opinions are honest, and I was not required to post a positive review. This post contains affiliate links.)

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  2. Yes! We all love this series. These stories are always so entertaining and the Biblical truths they teach are wonderful.

  3. Judith Martinez says:

    I love adventures in odyssey!

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