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Me? A 5K?

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**6-Week Fitness Challenge is coming Monday, October 1!

OK–those are two words that have never been in the same sentence before!  Me and 5K!  But after reading Sam’s post last Monday I started thinking.  And then I did some research!

Here are the upcoming 5K’s that I found:  October 14 through a corn maze (sounds really fun!), November Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning, St. Patrick’s Day, and Mother’s Day.

Well, the corn maze one is too soon.

I’d like to do the Thanksgiving one (especially since we won’t be hosting Thanksgiving this year), but because I’m in survival mode I can’t put training for it as a priority yet.  I am getting very little sleep right now (up about 4 times to nurse plus helping a bedwetter with the alarm–it is working YAY!–and other kids who may wake up in the night).

The weather won’t be nice in January and February, so I won’t be ready for St. Patrick’s Day.

That leaves Mother’s Day for when I’ll do my first 5K!  And, no, I’m not going to run it.  My body isn’t built for running.  I’m going to walk it!

And I am going to push my husband and older sons to do the Turkey Trot.  🙂


Update for this week:  I fit into my size 10 jeans!  I’m so glad to be able to wear another size of clothes.  And I’ve finally lost a few more pounds–it’s been steady on the scale since August 8.   I only did one full workout (Basic Tempo) and one partial workout (Primary Backstretch and Hoe-Downs) this week.

My goal now is to do a 10-day Boot Camp of Basic Workout Plus.  Then, I’ll be ready for our 6-week Fitness Challenge to lose the rest of the weight before the holidays.



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  2. You can do it!! Setting goals is the best way to succeed! Be sure to head back over my way and tell me what you think of my new goals! Good luck with the training! 

  3. Great job with getting down a size! That’s been a bonus for my little 4 mile walk I’ve been training for too. Didn’t think just that little bit of walking would make that much of a difference but it has. Can only imagine, with your goals, how much longer it will take before you disappear! Hehehe…

    Take care!

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