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Meek and Quiet Spirit

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I started reading a book today entitled Homeschooling With a Meek and Quiet Spirit by Teri Maxwell.  She said that it has been years since she has yelled at her children; now she only struggles with speaking in an irritated tone.  Oh, I would love to reach that point in my life.  It might take me years, too, but there’s no time to start on the journey like now.



We had a really nice day today.  I’ve been reading a lot about the Charlotte Mason style of teaching lately and thought we should go for a nature walk.  We went about a block away where there are some woods and a pond.  We noticed the different stages of the dandelion and got to blow the seeds.  (My 2 yo had to learn not to put them so close to her mouth!)  At the pond there were some wild daisies growing, so the boys picked some for us to put on our table at dinnertime.  These things (doing things outdoors) are not natural for me like other parts of teaching my kids are.  I’m grateful for books such as the Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola which gives so many wonderful, practical suggestions.

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  2. REInvestor says:

    HEr chapter on depression really ministered to me as I struggle with post partum depression for about 8 weeks after a baby is born. So it helped me get through those weeks last fall.

    I need to reread her chapter on anger, as I too am far from not yelling at my children.

    And I love Charlotte Mason. We don’t do enough nature walks, but it is a goal for me to get that in. Sometimes they are just in the backyard. We are studying plants so we walked around looking at our wildflowers the other day.

  3. agodlyhomemaker says:

    i too loved terri’s book. i actually think it’s time for a re- read!

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