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Why are Memberships for Homeschoolers so Beneficial?

Compass Classroom Premium Membership free for one month

I am a member of a number of memberships for homeschoolers and have discovered some things about them that really work great for my family. What about you? Do you use memberships in your homeschool? We use them for core classes, extracurriculars, clubs (such as book clubs), and encouragement! Learn today why I think memberships for homeschoolers can be extremely beneficial for both the homeschool mom and the kids.

Compass Classroom Premium Membership provides memberships for homeschoolers, ages 10 through high school (plus adults!)

Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through affiliate links in this post.

Memberships for Homeschoolers

If you aren’t familiar with membership for homeschoolers, they are subscription-based. You pay monthly or annually, depending on your needs. Usually, annually is cheaper and you’ll receive a month or two of membership for free!

Homeschool memberships come in a variety of formats. Either they provide a library of resources that you can pick and choose from (like Netflix), a new product, service, or class every month (like a subscription box), or a community where you can interact with others (like an online book club). Some memberships for homeschoolers provide two or even all three of these models!

Compass Classroom Premium Membership provides memberships for homeschoolers, ages 10 through high school (plus adults!)

Compass Classroom Premium Membership

One of my new favorite memberships is the Compass Classroom Premium Membership. My husband and I started learning about the Classical Education Model before we even had kids. The Classical Education Model in a nutshell is that you spend the early elementary years in the Grammar level, then move to the Logic level around middle school, and finally into the Rhetoric level for high school. We have done things throughout our homeschool years that fit this educational method such as learning Latin, cycling through history chronologically and relating it to classical literature, and studying logic and rhetoric.

I love that Compass Classroom provides courses that fit the Classical Education Model!

I started using Compass Classroom last year, Dave Raymond’s American History course, for my high school daughter who wanted a video course for her last history credit that she could do independently.

Now, I’m using other courses that are part of the Premium Membership with my last four kids!

Compass Classroom Premium Membership - try everything free for a month!

How the Compass Classroom Premium Membership Works

When you become a member (and you can start with a FREE TRIAL to see if it’s what you’re looking for), you’ll get access to 46 different online courses for kids ages 10 through 18. There are even some for adults, such as How to Homeschool (and I know a lot of adults will enjoy the high school courses in Philosophy, History, Economics, and Bible as well!).

The Premium Membership includes:

  • Over 50 online courses and products
  • Resources for upper elementary (ages 10 and up), middle school, high school, and parents
  • Science, Writing, History, Literature, Grammar, Latin, Vocabulary, Filmmaking, Economics, Philosophy, Bible, Music Appreciation, How to Homeschool, and more!
  • Audio stories are included, too.

An All-in-One High School Curriculum (just add math)

For an incredibly low price, you can get ALL your high school curriculum for the year, except for math! The Compass Classroom Premium Membership includes English/Language Arts, History, Science, and lots of options for electives. This is such an affordable way to homeschool!

Encourages Independent Learning

It has always been a goal of mine to create independent learners in our homeschool. By the time they’re upper high school, I’m merely overseeing most of their learning and not directly teaching anymore. Compass Classroom makes this possible by providing top-notch, high-level, teachers for my students.

There’s an App for That!

Yes, Compass Classroom includes an app! You can use it to watch the lessons, get your assignments, or interact with Groups. Homeschool moms can ask questions and get resources.

Compass Classroom Premium Membership provides memberships for homeschoolers, ages 10 through high school (plus adults!)

Adjusting a Homeschool Membership to Work for You and Your Family

One thing I’ve learned from my over 17 years of homeschooling is that every year is different. For my particular family this year, I have one upper elementary student, one middle schooler, and two high schoolers. My goals are always to

  • think about the particular child and their needs
  • prepare them for college
  • teach as many together as possible
  • and have fun!

The Compass Classroom Premium Membership is doing this for us. We are using Dave Raymond’s Modernity for high school history, and Writing Through the Wardrobe for middle and high school writing.

I’m planning on adding lessons in Bible (Modern Parables) and vocabulary (WordUp!) for my elementary kid soon.

Compass Classroom Works Well for Students with Dyslexia

I also wanted to mention that if you have a student with dyslexia (like I do), Compass Classroom courses are great because they’re video and lecture-based. If your student works better with audio and video learning, rather than reading a textbook, give the Free Trial a try!

Free Trial of the Compass Classroom Premium Membership

So, I encourage you to head over and start a Free Trial of the Compass Classroom Premium Membership today! See if you enjoy it as much as we do.

One month access to everything AND no credit card required to sign up for your free trial!


Other Memberships for Homeschoolers We Enjoy:

  • Music in Our Homeschool Plus (music and fine arts lessons and courses for preschool through high school)
  • Homeschool Mompreneur Business Book Club (read a business book every month, discussions, and accountability)
  • WorldWatch News (daily 10-minute news program for upper elementary – adults. We start each homeschool day with it!)
  • Masterpiece Society (art lessons and courses for all ages, even moms!)
  • No Sweat Nature Study Live (two live elementary science lessons per month taught by Cindy West)
  • Spanish Geniuses (from Flip Flop Spanish) (video lessons in Spanish 1 and 2 for high school divided up by topic plus live speaking sessions each week)
  • Homeschool Sisterhood (live lessons, book clubs, speaker sessions, — for moms and kids of all ages)
  • Jim Hodges Audiobook a month called my Download-A-Month Club.  While the regular price for an audiobook download is $18, the club members only get charged $6.99 per month and get a coupon worth $18 so they can come back to the site and purchase whatever recording they want.

Music in Our Homeschool Plus music and fine arts membership for preschool thru high school

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