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All Motivated Moms products will be 50% off for Mother’s Day and the sale will run for four days – Friday, May 9th through Monday, May 12th!

What is Motivated Moms?

As homeschool moms, working moms, and really any women, I know a lot of us have a goal to get more organized.  I do, as well!  And the Motivated Moms planner is a great way to accomplish it!  What makes this chore system unique is that each chore is laid out for you–every day for the whole year.  Each day of the week has different chores.  And the once-in-a-while chores are sprinkled throughout the year, as well, so you don’t end up saying, ” Now when did I last. . . .?”  🙂  You’ll finish up the year having done your “spring cleaning” but not doing it all at once!  It’s a schedule we all can do, with about 5-8 special tasks each day, in addition to your regular daily chores such as clean kitchen sink, read to children, Quiet Time, and exercise.

Some of the special tasks are: Sunday-make errand list, Monday-vacuum main floor, Tuesday-pay bills, Wednesday-dust children’s/guest room, Thursday-mop kitchen, Friday-change sheets, and Saturday-water indoor plants.  Chores that aren’t weekly are worked in throughout the month or year.  It’s very well thought out!  Here are some of my favorites that are included. (I usually never do these or at least not as often as I should because I just don’t think of them!):  Clean top of refrigerator, cut children’s nails, change furnace/AC filter, wash outside trash can, take dead leaves off of houseplants, clean computer screen and mouse, and clean front porch mat.


Here are the details:

The 2014 ebooks will be $4 when using the code HALFOFF.


Here is how I put together my printed out ebook planner:

Motivated Moms Planner

The 2014 apps for Android will be $3.99 at Google Play and Amazon, no code needed.

The iOS app will be 99¢ and a year subscription will be $3.99, no code needed.


Click over to Motivated Moms to see samples and to place your order!


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