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Our Homeschooling Week

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We didn’t quite get to everything last week, as usual.  One morning we spent cleaning out our mini-van because my husband was picking up our new (used) vehicle that evening.  So, the next morning I spent reading the owner’s manual!  Now, our whole family (when the baby arrives) will be able to fit in one car.  Yeah!  And, yes, we have 6 car seats!

I also had an appointment with a nutritionist.  Our youngest (22 months) is very small for his age.  Everything possibly physically wrong with him has been ruled out, so we all think he’s just not getting enough calories.  I’ll share some of what I learned at a later post.  And, I had an OB appointment.  As I am now over 35, they want to do non-stress tests at all these later appointments.  (I’m at 37 weeks today!)  They simply check the baby’s heart rate every time he or she moves.  If it accelerates, they think that’s a good sign.  I don’t mind these non-invasive tests.  It helps me feel better about things, too.  But the appointments are longer, so I have a wonderful lady who’s been coming over to play with the kids so I don’t have to bring them along.

This week:
We’ll finish up our study on volcanoes.  We read another book, saw a DVD, and did a notebook page on them yesterday.  Tomorrow, we’ll make a volcano using baking soda and vinegar (and red food coloring, of course!)

We started learning the Apostle’s Creed and will make a copy of it into an ancient manuscript (soaking it in tea and letting it dry).  We’re also learning the hymn "The Old Rugged Cross." 

We’ve been watching the Olympics.  I have all the lapbook stuff cut out, so hopefully we will get to that before they end on Sunday.  My oldest son has also been pushing us to do our Family Olympics (I’ll report on it when we do it!)  I’ve been thoroughly enjoying reading about Eric Liddell.

We’re still reading about deserts, too.  And I think we’ll get to the pages about St. Valentine in Mystery of History this week.  I have a couple of library books about him, too 

My husband finished reading Where the Red Fern Grows and has started a Sherlock Holmes mystery book now.

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