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Our Homeschooling Week

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This will be a dual entry–for this past week and for next week. 

The big accomplishments this week were finishing our Desert study, finishing "Something Greater Than Gold" (biography of Eric Liddell), and starting up violin lessons again.  In Bible Time we continued our reading of Jesus’ life in Egermeier’s Story Bible, memorized 1 Tim. 4:12, and sang "This is my Father’s World." 

My due date is tomorrow, so next week’s plans might change!  (Actually, I hope they do.)
We’ll get back into our study of Mystery of History, focusing on Constantine and the Edict of Milan, as well as the Golden Age of India.  We’ll do some notebook pages, labeling maps, and a craft (making a shield like Constantine used in the Battle of Milvian Bridge.)  The next section of the history book is about the Mayan civilization, so I decided we’d go ahead and do our Rainforest Unit Study now (and save Britain for later).  I’ve reserved the rainforest books at the library, so next week we’ll just read some of those.

For Bible Time we’ll continue in Egermeier’s, review 1 Tim. 4:12, and sing "You Are My All in All."  My husband is reading another Sherlock Holmes book to the boys (he finished one of them this week), and I’m still reading "Little House in the Big Woods" to the girls.  We’ll do some more projects and lapbook mini-books for the Little House lapbook.  I’ll also start reading a Trailblazers book about Martin Luther (in preparation for our October Martin Luther/ Reformation/ Germany unit study).

Other "regular" things will continue (handwriting for the boys, phonics for my 4 yo, math activities).

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