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Our Homeschooling Week

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I thought I’d try something new and share the plans I have for each week.

Bible Time–Egermeier’s Story Bible (reading about Jesus’ life and miracles), memorize 2 Thess. 3:3 ("But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen and protect you from the evil one."), memorize "Great is Thy Faithfulness", concentrated prayer for Chinese people and the persecuted church there.

Handwriting–boys continue with cursive, 4 yo with her printing book (Handwriting Without Tears)

Phonics–boys continue with dictation/spelling, 4 yo with 1st 8 phonograms and reading first 10 words (TATRAS)

Read to me–boys in their Rod and Staff readers

History–Pompeii and volcanoes, read from Mystery of History, library books, make a volcano experiment, watch Volcano video, do a notebook page about Pompeii, a map page where volcanoes are around the world, and a science experiment page.  If time, study Apostle’s Creed.  Work on memorizing it next week.

Math–Battleship and puzzles, clock, 100 chart (skip counting)

Unit studies–Olympics (read aloud biography of Eric Liddell; work on lapbook pages, free from; watch some on TV; do a family Olympics next Saturday)
and Deserts (read library books)

Field Trip–Lake County Discovery Museum, forest preserve there too.

Read-alouds–Egermeier’s Story Bible; NIV Bible (book of Acts); Poetry Anthology; Biography of Eric Liddell (Benge); Mystery of History; library books on Pompeii; volcanoes, and deserts; Where the Red Fern Grows

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  2. jabbabean says:


    I like this post. Thanks for sharing what you'll be doing! It's very inspiring to me! But, one question? How do you find the time to do all this? Do you stay home a lot? Does the structure help keep things mellow with the kids while you're in your last few weeks of pregnancy? And what do you do with the girls when they get tired of or aren't interested in what you're doing? (I'm not quite sure how to handle that now, since I don't want to be a "Nazi Mom" anymore!) Oh well, I guess that was more than one question! Ha, ha! Please help me!!


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