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Pinterest Challenge #2: Crafts

The second contest I entered was in the craft category. Another blog I love to read is Just Call Me Jamin. She is so creative! A fellow homeschool mom, she has the energy I only dream I had. I would do practically everything she puts on her blog if I could!

She made an adorable “blackboard” clock using different math equations in place of the single numbers. You can see her version here (as well as the one that inspired her).

I bought all the supplies I needed at Joann’s last Saturday, on Teacher Appreciation Day–20% off everything. (If you homeschool, be sure to sign up for their Teacher Card.)



I followed all of Jamin’s instructions on how to make it.

We had fun discussing how to find the center of a circle. Here are three YouTube videos on the subject that I found.

But here’s how I did it: I took my ruler and held it on one side while sliding the other side until it was at the longest point. I divided the distance in two, and put a small dot in the middle. Then I kept checking the radius all around to see if it was equal. I had to adjust it a bit, but eventually got it perfect. The paper mache box top was easy enough to just poke a hole with the point of a pencil and insert the clock components.  It’s a fun addition to our homeschool room!  And because it has a blackboard surface, I can change the equations whenever I want to!



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