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Reading Aloud

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Melissa (of Twaddlemenot) asked if my kids sit still, work on projects, etc. while I read aloud.  Well, we’re still working through this.  Right now, I am very particular only about the Bible reading.  I expect them to sit by me and be still while I read the Scripture.  But when I read other things, I will sometimes allow them to move around some or play quietly with toys or puzzles while I read.  I might eventually try the “blanket time” idea that Melissa and Kendra (of PreschoolersandPeace) have mentioned on their blogs.  My 5 yo is definitely an auditory listener and can sit still for an hour listening to a novel (read aloud or even on a CD).  But my 4 yo needs to see pictures to keep his attention.  And my almost-3yo has a VERY short attention span.  It could be that their learning styles will just require them to need to move around in order for them to listen.  We’ll see.  The nice thing about homeschooling is that I’ll be able to find the best way for them to learn and do it!

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  2. REInvestor says:

    I have required the kids to sit still and listen exclusively for Bible Time but for any other books as long as they are quiet they can play or work on something. Now I sometimes some and ask for a narration if I suspect hey might be really be listening and often they surprise me.

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