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Review/Giveaway: Biotin Bursts for Healthy Nails, Skin, & Hair

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I recently had the privilege to try a month’s supply of Biotin Bursts by Neocell.  Biotin is vitamin D7 and is important for healthy clear skin, shiny nails, and thick hair.  It’s water soluble, so you need to keep adding it to your body (it isn’t stored).  Each Biotin Burst chew has 10,000 mcg and is very yummy!  It’s low calorie, but does have 3 grams of sugar. I know that contributes to them tasting so good, though.

I have a multi-vitamin that I try to take daily.  It contains only 100 mcg of biotin in it, compared to the 10,000 mcg in Biotin Bursts.  And those vitamins are horse pills that I have to force myself to take!  Biotin Bursts were like getting a sweet treat everyday.  You can see the size of it in the following picture

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They are individually wrapped in a little foil wrapper and stored in a box.

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They recommend keeping them in the refrigerator, which I did.  It probably kept them fresher.

But the best part is that I did see an increase in the thickness of my hair (and it seemed to grow faster, too, but I can’t prove it), and my nails were much shinier.  I think I’ll get some for one of my daughters who struggles with getting her hair to grow.  Perhaps she has a biotin deficiency.  We’ll see if it helps!

You can get Biotin Bursts or read more about them here at the Neocell website.  Or purchase Biotin Bursts at Amazon.

Receive a one-month supply of Biotin Bursts if you win the giveaway. Enter on the Rafflecopter below. The winner will be chosen on April 6, 2015 and will have 24 hours to respond to my email.
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(Disclosure: I received a month’s supply of Biotin Bursts in exchange for this honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.)

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  2. These look tasty! I love a vitamin that I look forward to taking. I was just saying that I thought I needed a supplement for my nails… this looks like a great one to try!

  3. My hair grows to a certain point and then stops. I would like to try these to see if they help my hair grow.

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