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Review of Family Time Fitness Core Physical Education Level 1

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Family Time Fitness - Fitness 4 Homeschool Book Version

If there is one major weakness I have in the teaching realm, it’s in the area of physical education.  But just like everything in homeschooling nowadays:  there’s a curriculum for that!  Here are the Top 10 Reasons I love Family Time Fitness “Core Physical Education Level 1″.

1.  There are daily lessons (260 to be exact!)

2.  Each lesson provides 60 minutes of physical fitness activity.

3.  Minimal equipment is required:  bean bags, hula hoops, jump ropes, playground/soccer/basketball, cones (or alternative), stop watch, measuring tape, and exercise mat.

4.  The activities are linked to YouTube videos, so you and your kids know exactly how to do it!

Here’s an example–the very first exercise in the first lesson:

5.  The lessons and video links fit easily on my phone, so I can bring it to the park, backyard, or wherever else we’ll be doing our P.E.

6.  When it isn’t possible to go outside, the lessons can be done indoors in a living room or play room.

7.  You can break the lessons up into 10-15 minute segments if you prefer to spread the activity out during a day.

8.  There are assessments that you can use to measure improvements in your child’s abilities.

9.  The price is very reasonable.

10.  It’s for a wide range of ages–K through 8th grade, ages 5-13.  But I am definitely going to use some of these great activities for my preschool co-op class as well (ages 1-5) and we adults will certainly get fitter doing these exercises, too!

Next month I’ll be back with another post telling you how we’ve used it both at home and at our homeschool co-op.

Family Time Fitness

(Disclosure: I received a complimentary e-book copy of Family Time Fitness Core Physical Education Level 1 in order to write this and other honest reviews. This post also contains affiliate links.)

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