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Review: Firmoo Prescription Glasses (+ Coupon Code!)

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Review of Firmoo Glasses

A few weeks ago I took my contacts out as I was getting ready for bed and started to put on my glasses.  But they were nowhere to be found.  We searched everywhere.  Everyday I offered my kids a higher reward in case they found them!  Finally, I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to go get some new ones.  Can you tell I wasn’t thrilled with having to do that?  That morning I opened my email and found an offer to receive a new pair of prescription eyeglasses to review!  Woo-hoo!  Perfect!

So, here is my review of my brand new prescription glasses from Firmoo.

The hardest part was trying to choose the frames because they have so many choices!  But they make it easy for you by breaking them into different categories such as Men, Women, New Arrivals, Classic Series and By Shape (rectangle, oval, aviator, etc.), By Material (Metal, Plastic, Titanium,. etc.), By Frame (Full, Semi Rimless, Rimless), and By Size (Small, Medium, Large).

At first I just flipped through the variety of frames and chose a person (they give you several choices) that looked the most like me to “wear” the glasses so I could see how they looked.  Then, I decided to upload my own picture.  That was really easy to do on my computer.  (When I tried it with my iPad, the picture was upside down and I couldn’t figure out how to flip it.)  My kids and I had a lot of laughs seeing me in some really wild looking glasses!

I chose the pair you see below:   They retail for $46 plus standard shipping of $6.95.  (Single vision glasses.)

Science Firmoo NuNaturals 020

I like them.  They are extremely lightweight–they’re titanium.  I like the blue color and how they don’t have a frame all the way around.  It’s really fun to get a new pair of glasses since I haven’t gotten any since before I was married, 17 years ago!  Now that I know how easy it is to order, I expect to order again from Firmoo in the future when my prescription changes–or when my kids need glasses.

Free Glasses

Along with the glasses I also received a hard case, a soft pouch, a cleaning cloth, and a screwdriver with 2 extra screws and 2 extra nose pads.

Science Firmoo NuNaturals 014

The ordering process was easy.  I just called my eye doctor to get my prescription, and it was simple to put all the info in for ordering.  The only downside is that it takes quite a while (I think it was 2 weeks) to receive them.

If you need (or want!) a new pair of glasses, use this code:

Coupon Code:  OCTF20

for 20% off storewide, 1.50 single vision lenses included! Expires on 2014-10-14

Science Firmoo NuNaturals 015

(Disclosure:  I received a complimentary pair of glasses from Firmoo in exchange for this honest review. I am also an affiliate of Firmoo, and this post contains affiliate links.)

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