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Review My Student Logbook

>My Student Logbook review

The company Edutaters has produced a wonderful product for homeschoolers that my daughter and I reviewed called My Student Logbook.

We received a physical logbook with our choice of cover design. We chose to have a dated book (August 2014 – July 2015) in the Rainforest design. You can get an undated version if that works better for you.


My Student Logbook Review
My Student Logbooks come in 10 different cover designs ( for $15 each), so you’re sure to find one that you student will like.  They also come in PDF versions that you can download, print, and bind yourself.  The PDF single copy license (no cover design) is $10; the PDF family use license (no cover design) is $20.
Here are a couple other cover designs:

My Student Logbook Review
My Student Logbook Review

The age range for My Student Logbook is 2nd grade and up.  It’s especially helpful for high school students who need to keep track of all their work and hours for a high school transcript.  But it also worked perfectly for my 6th grade daughter.

My Student Logbook Review
I’ll explain about the regular logbook pages in a moment, but first let me share about the special pages included.
You can see a green sheet dividing the front section of the logbook from the back section special pages.  The first one is “All About Me” so the kids can keep a record of how they grow and change each year!
My Student Logbook 012
There is a Prayer and Goals page:
My Student Logbook 011
Pages to keep track of Books Read:
My Student Logbook 010
A Place to keep track of events, projects, field trips, presentations, activities:
Bible Verses Memorized,
Test Records:
My Student Logbook 008
And Year Highlights–favorite memories from the year:
My Student Logbook 007
Now for the logbook itself!
You start out with a page like this.  You fill out right side checklist with all the assignments (subjects) you want your child to complete.  There is also a section for time if there is a subject that they need to spend a certain amount of time doing it (such as reading for 30 minutes, practicing piano for 45 minutes). 
 My Student Logbook 006

You cut this sheet out and then fold it in half from top to bottom.  You tape the back section on the back of a log page.  (If this confuses you, there is a YouTube video to show you how to do it!)

My Student Logbook 003

If you need to list specific page numbers, chapters, etc. for the student to do in that subject for the week, you can list it underneath.

My Student Logbook 004

Then, here is the really cool part, you simply fold that checklist page over the next week’s log so you don’t have to rewrite it!  Again, you can write specific notes that are unique for each week on its own page.

My Student Logbook 005

If you need more checklists in case the subjects or books change throughout the year, there are 5 extras included.

What We Liked:

I have tried lots of different types of logbooks/checklists for my kids throughout the years, including ones that I have made myself.  None of them were as good as this.  I love how the author really planned it out so well.  It is sturdy, so I expect it will last throughout the year.  I’m really considering using this for my kids to keep track of everything during their high school years, so we can get it all written out on a transcript. If you’re worried about getting a high school transcript prepared, Corina includes 3 full pages at the beginning of the logbook to explain how to do it!

What We Didn’t Like:

I actually can’t think of anything I didn’t like about it.  🙂

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My Student Logbook Review


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