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Review of “Celebrate Jesus: An Advent Journey For Families”

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Celebrate Jesus Advent Guide


I’m really excited about the resource I’m reviewing today: Celebrate Jesus: An Advent Journey For Families by Amy Blevins.

It’s an Advent Guide chock full of all kinds of wonderful ideas–and it’s only $4.99!

Here are some examples of ideas I got from it that I’m going to try this year: Listening to a great version of A Christmas Carol on CD, wrapping up our Christmas books and opening one each day, using advent candles, listening to wonderful music–songs I haven’t thought of before, and baking some new treats!

What will you find in Celebrate Jesus?

  • 213 pages in a downloadable ebook
  • Each day of Advent (this year starts on Sunday December 1) has Scripture readings and activities listed
  • Activities include listening to a particular song (you can use the website she suggests, or YouTube!)
  • Lots of craft ideas
  • 13 holiday recipes
  • 24 pages of copywork

 Advent is coming! Use this daily schedule of Scripture, songs, activities and more to celebrate Adv

(To order, click on the above graphic.)


 What I like:

Here is what I really liked about this advent guide– It’s not overwhelming!

Each day is completely laid out for you.  See Day One below.  It has a Scripture printed there.  (By the way, there are 2 versions–King James Version and English Standard Version.)  That is the Scripture that you’ll read aloud with the family.  There are also questions included for Moms and older teens to work through together.

So, at the table together, you’ll light the Advent candle (this can be simple, something you make, or something you buy).  Then read the Scripture, sing or listen to the song, and then do an activity.  Day One’s activity is to “act out” the darkness and then the Light coming into the darkness.  Finally, you end with a question or two to think about and help everyone apply what they’ve learned.

Snow suit, book reviews 022


One craft my kids enjoyed doing was using old Christmas cards to make placemats.

You’ll also find instructions for

  • Beaded Wreath Ornaments
  • A “Birthday Gift” for Jesus
  • Star Ornament
  • Bookmarks
  • 3-D Nativity
  • Paper Stars
  • Cinnamon Ornaments
  • Christmas Cards
  • And more!

Celebrate Jesus 003

Celebrate Jesus 002


On certain days it’s suggested to have a simple treat during your study time. But there is also a recipe section. I wish I had time to try out all of these yummy recipes– including Peanut Butter Fudge, Chocolate Crinkle Cookies, Bread Machine Rolls, Party Punch, and Company Potatoes.
Snow suit, book reviews 027



Here are some pictures of copywork pages my kids did.  There is a different Scripture for each of the 24 days of Advent.  You may choose the ESV or KJV versions.  I like that each page has a small picture to color as well.  🙂

Snow suit, book reviews 023

Snow suit, book reviews 024

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About the Author:

Amy Blevins is a Christian homeschooling mom of 6 (including 4-year-old twins), is married to a military man, and lives in California. She is a blogger, and you can read more about her at her website Homeschool Encouragement. The products she has written include “Listening to Learn: Using Audio Files in Your Homeschool,”Thanksgiving Copywork for Children,” “Christmas Copywork for Children,” and “Celebrate Jesus: An Advent Resource for Families.”

 Advent is coming! Use this daily schedule of Scripture, songs, activities and more to celebrate Adv
(To order, click on the above graphic.)


(Disclosure: I received complimentary copies of the KJV and ESV Ebook versions of Celebrate Christmas in order to write this honest review. I am also an affiliate for all of Amy Blevins’ products/books.)

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  2. Kayla Rice says:

    It all seems really exciting. My five year old asks me all day long for projects to work on so the crafts and copy work would be really fun.

  3. I like having a “guide” to follow. I’m not good at coming up with ideas on my own. I also like that you can choose KJV. That’s all we use and there are so many good things out there that use other versions.

  4. IT may sound silly, but the copy work. My DD who is 6 would love it. My son who is 8 is not a strong printer. In a format like this I think he would be more excited.

    Also my daughter LOVES cut and paste.

    My son loves baking.

    The 2 other little boys like eating the bakes goods and the 3 year old would like the cut and paste!

  5. The complete study is exciting to me! I love that it’s all planned out with not only Bible verses, but the copy work & crafts & recipes! Even if I don’t win I think this is what I will buy for our Christmas homeschool study this year. Thanks for sharing your review. 🙂

  6. The drawings are what I like!

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