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Review of Ten Commandments Lapbook

Review of Ten Commandments Lapbook
My kids and I just completed a unit study on The Ten Commandments, using a project pack from Hands of a Child as our main source of materials. 
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Below is a review of the project pack:  Overall, I really enjoyed doing the Hands of a Child lapbook of The Ten Commandments.  It’s a 50-page packet which includes a research guide, 15 activities, and explanations on how to put together a lapbook.  The age is listed as Multi-Level, and almost every activity has adaptations for younger children who can?t write.  They will either copy over dotted lines, draw a picture, or cut and paste the answer.

My kids (mostly just the 5 yo and 6 yo, but occasionally the 3 yo joined us) started out by reading from Exodus and read most of chapters 1-20 (in several sittings, of course!).  We talked quite a bit about Moses and his life.  The research guide in the project pack gave a great background of his life, but I wanted to include even more, such as his marriage and two sons and specifics of the Ten Plagues. 

The first activity was a set of memory cards to aid in memorization of  the Ten Commandments in the King James Version.  We had previously memorized the Ten Commandments in NIV.  At first I wished that they had given the Scripture in NIV, or at least in both KJV and NIV, but then I realized that I was glad to have the opportunity to teach my kids some of the wording from KJV.  I felt the research guide was very good in explaining each commandment in an easy-to-understand way for a child.

The explanations about the Tabernacle and Ark of the Covenant were good, too, and had activities for each.

One of the best things about the whole guide was bringing in Jesus.  They explained Jesus’ answer of what the greatest commandment is (from Matthew 22:36-39).  And then there were ample opportunities for the kids to apply the Ten Commandments to their own lives.  They were asked to explore why they need to obey the Ten Commandments, which are hardest for them to obey and why, and to start a journal about ways to stop their temptations to break a commandment.

My favorite activities were where my kids drew pictures.  I am just now realizing that my kids are able to draw from their own imaginations!  There were several activities where older kids could write an answer while younger ones (like mine) would draw the answer.  They did a great job!

My kids’ favorite activity was to rewrite the Ten Commandments in their own words and then “age” the paper.  After writing it, we tore the edges of the paper and then carefully placed in in a plate full of tea.  We let the papers dry on a towel and then scrunched them up.  It really made the papers look old!

I added 3 activities of my own: a map of the Exodus (Egypt, Red Sea, Wilderness, Mt. Sinai), a math activity showing the Roman numerals 1-10 (I-X), and the Cowboy version of the Ten Commandments.

The other things we did to round out our study was to listen to “Sir Oliver’s Song”

— a favorite from my childhood! and watch Veggie Tales “Mo and the Big Exit.”

I would recommend the Hands of a Child project pack if anyone wants to study the Ten Commandments in a more in depth way.  See pictures of our lapbook below:



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  2. say your post on the lapbook loop and came to take a look. Great job.

  3. Cool, Gena! I think I will consider trying that in the future. Thanks for the recommendations, etc.

    Oh, and I love the Cowboy Commandments– I actually paused the DVD when we watched it to type it onto my computer because I loved it so much! LOL!

  4. grandmommy says:

    We havent made any lapbooks lately so I need to get busy. They are so much fun.. as much fun for me as for the kids.

    I chose your blog to give the "Nice Matters Award".

    Visit my blog to claim your prize.

  5. JacqueDixonSoulRestES says:

    And I like what I see!

    Very nice pictures and run-through on this lapbook!

    Have a great week!



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