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PicMonkey Collage-See the Light 3

We just finished a couple of wonderful art projects with the art DVD from See the Light art curriculum called God’s Runaway.

God’s Runaway is part of the series called Bible Stories.  Each DVD, which sells for $14.99, is more than just an art lesson. The first part of God’s Runaway tells the story of Jonah from the Bible through chalk art, music, and dramatic voices.  All my children (ages 12 down to 2) enjoyed watching it.  The second part has 3 separate art lessons.  The third part has bonus features with worship music, chalk art with commentary, the salvation story, and the story of Jonah told in Spanish. The DVD is very well done, great quality.  We thoroughly enjoyed it!  Now that we have many of the art supplies, we’ll be getting more of these DVDs!  I’m glad that each of the Bible Story DVDs use the same materials.

We completed 2 of the 3 art projects.  (We’ll still do the third but needed to order some Extreme Crayola Crayons from Amazon since I couldn’t find them in the store.)

Here is project #1: “The fish spits out Jonah” in chalk pastels.

We watched the DVD lesson all the way through once.  Then we got out our materials and set up a table in front of the computer in our school room.  Four kids (and I) did this project.  We had a large piece of paper, a pencil, eraser, 24 chalk pastels, 4 fluorescent chalk pastels, and a black light.  Some of these materials are available in a set with the DVD from See the Light.  We really liked the instruction by Pat.  She explained things well, and we all learned quite a bit about using chalk pastels.

See the Light Shine 009

See the Light Shine 017 See the Light Shine 018 See the Light Shine 019 See the Light Shine 020

See the Light Shine 021

After we completed it, we did the fun special effect !  We took our black light (available at See the Light for $10) into our dark pantry.  See the neat effect?  This works on all the fluorescent or neon media (crayons, colored pencils, chalk pastels).

See the Light Shine 025

See the Light Shine 027

Our second project was called Creative Lettering.  It was focusing on using the whale and the word “Obey.”  Again we used our black light to see the fun effects of the fluorescent colored pencils.  I had actually thought this project would be easier than the other one, but the kids found it harder since it required more specific dexterity in drawing and writing.

See the Light 2 001


See the Light 2 012


See the Light 2 007

See the Light 2 009


See the Light 2 015

(Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links.  I received the DVD, fluorescent chalk pastels and colored pencils, and black light from See the Light in exchange for this honest review.)


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  2. This looks like a fabulous set of videos. I love the idea of incorporating them into my homeschool. I would start with God’s Special Surprise as it would tie into what we are learning right now.

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