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Review/Giveaway of See the Light “Shipwrecked” Art DVD

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See the Light Shipwrecked Collage


Yeah!  We got to do another review of a See the Light art DVD.  This one is part of the Bible Story series and is called “Shipwrecked.”  It has 3 art projects based on the shipwreck that the apostle Paul had and sells for just $14.99!

The DVD is divided in several divided into several different sections.  You can hear the story of Paul and his shipwreck through a 15-minute chalk art presentation by Gloria Kohlmann.  She is really good.  The kids were mesmerized watching it.

Next, there are 3 separate art lessons, presented by 3 different and amazing teachers.

Pat Knepely does a 24-minute chalk pastel drawing lesson of the ship being tossed by the waves.  Using fluorescent chalk the kids put a cross in the sky to show how Paul was trusting in the Lord to save everyone on the ship.  You can only see it with a black light, though!  My children love this part of the lessons–putting something “secret” in the picture which will show up when they get in a dark room (closet) and turn on the black light.  We got our black light from the See the Light website, and it’s only $10.  One great thing about making this purchase is that it is used in all 5 of the Bible Story series DVDs.  Here are a few pictures of our first lesson.  (The black light photos didn’t show up well.)


See the Light Shipwrecked 004


See the Light Shipwrecked 002

The second lesson was presented by Heidi Shorts and teaches the kids how to do Creative Lettering in a 19-minute lesson.  This one focused on the word “Courage” and how the Lord gave Paul courage during the shipwreck.  I loved how she taught them to make the letters look like wood (as in pieces of the ship).  Didn’t my daughter do a good job with this?


globe 004


globe 005

Last the kids did a 27-minute water color/ mixed media picture of a lighthouse taught by Jim Pence.  I joined in on this one!  We used black permanent markers for the lighthouse, water colors (and he taught us a few specialized techniques) for the sky and water, and fluorescent crayon for the light.  Again, we used the black light to see some really neat effects!  The photos turned out great on these.


See the Light Shipwrecked 012 See the Light Shipwrecked 011 See the Light Shipwrecked 010 See the Light Shipwrecked 009


See the Light Shipwrecked 015 See the Light Shipwrecked 014 See the Light Shipwrecked 013


See the Light Shipwrecked 017 See the Light Shipwrecked 016


See the Light Shipwrecked 018


See the Light Shipwrecked 027 See the Light Shipwrecked 026


See the Light Shipwrecked 020 See the Light Shipwrecked 019


See the Light Shipwrecked 024


See the Light Shipwrecked 022


Now it’s time for a giveaway!  See the Light has graciously offered one copy of the “Shipwrecked” art DVD.  You’ll love doing these projects with your own kids!

I received a free copy of this DVD to review.  I had received a few of the art supplies for a previous review.  I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. I am part The CWA Review Crew.  This post contains affiliate links.

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  2. We have the first volume of the art class set, but I’d really like the whole set. The DVD in this giveaway would be a great addition to our art curriculum!

  3. This DVD, Shipwrecked, looks like a lot of fun!

  4. Colleen Schilinski says:

    I’d like this one – Shipwrecked.
    I bet it’s a good seller for them and the most popular.

  5. Great work! You all did wonderful jobs with the Lightouse drawing. I’m glad you had fun with it. Keep drawing (and have fun!). — Jim Pence

  6. I would love any of the Bible Story dvd’s!

  7. I already bought one! I’m looking forward to getting the Cartoon Art video. =)

  8. Lynda Thomas says:

    I really like the God’s Runaway DVD. 🙂

  9. All of your kids’ work looks so nice! I always love lighthouses, and those ‘wooden’ letter look really great too!

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