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Reviewing Memory Verses

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Our goal is to have Bible Time every weekday and to review 4 verses each day.  But, that has never happened yet!  I try to add a new verse/ passage every week.

We use a review system I found at the site (see it here).  Basically, we go over four verses a day:  one that’s called "Daily", one that’s "Odd" or "Even" (the date), one that’s the Day of the Week, and one that’s the Date of the month.  For example for today, we should have done Lamentations 3:22-23 for Daily, Isaiah 40:31 for Even (because today is the 28th, an even number), Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 for Tuesday, and we don’t have one under the 28th yet (so I would just pick one from somewhere else).  I keep all the verses written on a file card in a card box.  This method works equally well for memorizing speeches, poems, or whatever!

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