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Series: Preparing to Homeschool 9th Grade (Post # 2)- Choosing the Coursework

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Preparing to Homeschool 9th Grade- Choosing the Coursework

Welcome back to my series on Preparing to Homeschool 9th Grade. (See my first post on using a How-To book here.) One of the most important decisions in homeschooling high school is to make sure you are taking the “required” courses.  Of course, with homeschooling, you as the parent can make the decision on what some or most of those required courses are.  However, you need to look into 1) What your state requirements are for a high school diploma and 2) What colleges are looking for if your child plans to go.

What I decided to do was to figure out what classes the 3 schools in my area required for their top high school diploma.  The schools were our local public high school, small Christian school, and large college-prep Catholic school.  I also found this article from  7 Sisters Homeschool to be quite helpful.

I firmly believe that not all kids need to go to college–it really depends on their career plans.  Other great options include apprenticeships, trade school, or the military. So, we will do a lot of praying and talking and exploring to see what high school classes are best for each of my children.  However, I also feel that all of my kids should get a “college-prep” education in high school just in case they do decide to go to college. Plans can certainly change in the future!

So, here is our plan.  Because of my oldest son’s interest in music and theater, it won’t be difficult at all for him to get enough electives.  It’s some of the extra classes I’d like for him to take that will be a little difficult to fit in.

8th grade year (high school credits):

1 Concert Band

1 20th Century Literature

1 20th Century American and World History/Geography

1 Dance

1 Voice

1/2 Bible Study (summer)

½ Health (summer)

9th grade year:

1 Ancient Literature

1 Ancient History/Geography

1 Composition

1 German I

1 Algebra I

1 Biology

1 P.E.

1/2 Speech and Debate

1 Theater Arts

1/2 Violin

1/2 Worldview/Apologetics (summer)

1/2 Bible Study (summer)

½ Government with American history 1600-1900 (summer)

½ Economics (summer)

10th Grade year:

1 Middle Ages Literature

1 Middle Ages History/Geography

1 English composition and research paper

1 German II

1 Geometry

1 Chemistry

1 Theater Arts

1/2 Violin

1/2 Health

1/2 Speech and Debate

1/2 Worldview/Apologetics (summer)

1/2 Bible Study (summer)

1/2 Career Exploration (summer)

11th Grade Year: (some classes at community college this year)

1 Physics

1 Algebra II

1 Government and Economics

1 Consumer Math

1/2 Logic

1/2 Business (or computers)

½ Worldview/Apologetics (summer)


The schools and states also require community service or ministry hours, so we’ll keep track of those as well.  (Join me next week when I’ll share HOW we’ll keep track of everything that will eventually be put on his transcript.)

Do you homeschool a high-schooler?  Or have you graduated one?  What advice do you have for those of us just starting?  Please leave a comment!

Find a lot of high school curriculum and help at 7 Sisters Homeschool:


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  2. I am homeschooling 2 high schoolers right now.

    You are already doing what I would advise: check the graduation requirements of your local schools and state, check the courses offered by curriculum providers, and keep excellent records.

    I agree with your perspective about college and I am preparing my children the same way.
    Thanks for sharing, Gena. Blessings to you and yours.

  3. That is great advice: checking what the local schools do for graduation. I will definitely keep that in mind when planning for our next bunch of highschoolers. :o)

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