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Seussical the Musical Week is Here!

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When we are involved in a musical, it starts to ramp up until it starts to take over our lives. That will be the case this week, especially now that I am on the directing team. Today I have 5 hours to work in assisting moving into the theater. The next 3 nights, we have dress rehearsals, where I’ll be listening to get the sound balanced.

It’s so exciting when we get into the theater–adding the costumes, make-up, hair, sound, lights, sets, props, and special effects! Woo-hoo. I can’t wait!

Here are a few pictures of my kids from this weekend’s rehearsal. You do NOT want to miss this show! Get your tickets at

Also, I wrote a Seussical the Musical unit study if you’d like to take a look at that.


Here is a drawing my oldest daughter did:


004 005 006 007 008 009   012 013 014 015 016

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