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Summer homeschooling plans

Here are our plans for the summer.  We do a lighter load, but continue to homeschool during the summer months.

Our vacation learning:

We’ll be going on a trip through Missouri, Arkansas, north Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Tennessee.

To prepare we’ll read Little Toot on the Mississippi (Gramatky) and Minn of the Mississippi (Holling) and do a study of the Mississippi River.

We’ll listen to Tom Sawyer (Twain) and visit Hannibal, Missouri, boyhood home of Mark Twain.

We’ll listen to Little House on the Praire (Wilder) and visit Laura Ingalls Wilder’s home in Mansfield, Missouri.

We’ll also visit New Salem, IL, the young adult home of Abraham Lincoln and the Abraham Lincoln Museum in Springfield, IL.


Study WWII through the present.  Read World War II for Kids (Panchyk), Douglas MacArthur (Benge), The Story of the Trapp Family Singers (Maria von Trapp), Ronald Reagan (Benge), and finish listening to Story of the World, volume 4.

Summer Camps:

Swim lessons, Sports camp, Christian Youth Theater camp

Bible Bee preparation:

Daily Bible study, memorize Scripture, participate in the competition in August

Reading contests:

Through library and Barnes and Noble


Part-singing, violin and piano lessons


Work on reading with 6-year-old

Math games


Art (nature journaling and picture study)

Field Trips (Civil War re-enactment, etc.)

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  1. Yes, learning in the summer instead of wasting all the time is a very good idea. Children and parents use the summer time to educate their children in the subjects they are interested in or in those they are lagging behind. This is the perfect time to the schooling students to pursue their interests. I agree with every sentence in the blog. Loved to read the blog. Great article!!

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