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T-Tapp Deep Discount Tuesday Sale

This month’s T-Tapp Deep Discount Tuesday sale is for 35% off all T-Tapp Brand Products.

Use Code MAY19

In the Skin Care & Cellulite Control category you will find many products to help you help yourself have tighter, smoother, cellulite-free skin!

The CRT Systems & Products category includes all of the products that go along with the body brushing program including the CRT Brushing DVD and body brush combos. Get firmer, tighter skin!

The Skin Saver Series category includes this entire product line including the Skin Saver Salt in various sizes.

Check out the Other Skin Care Products category to see products that Teresa Tapp likes and carries for your convenience. This section includes other skin care products, such as Enfuselle, Deluvia, Cellfood, In the Skin Sunscreen and Celazome.

Head over to browse the T-Tapp supplements and products and use the code MAY19 to get 35% off, today May 19, 2015 only!

  • B-12 Plus Spray
  • Digest Plus
  • Fibertox: Skin Tightening System
  • HCG PG Spray
  • Immune Boost Sublingual
  • Premium Blended, Organic, Non-GMO Alfalfa
  • Pyruvyl Glycine
  • WhiteBrite Teeth Whitener Spray
    (Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.)


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