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T-Tapp Deep Discount Tuesday specials: January 20


Today is the T-Tapp Deep Discount Tuesday: January 20, 2015 only!

Enjoy the following specials:

Get 2 workouts that are normally $39.95 per DVD for only $46.50:
Finger & Foot Fitness Workout DVD (Retail $39.95)
NEW Brain-Body Fitness Turn Back Time Workout DVD (Retail $39.95)
1. Finger & Foot Fitness DVD:  50% off $19.98 Finger & Foot Fitness is a Master Level Educational Clinic filmed at the 2007 Safety Harbor Fitness Retreat which educates and demonstrates several movements for fingers and feet to help improve flexibility, lessen pain and decrease inflammation. Maintaining optimal function of fingers and feet is not only important for lymphatic function but also help your body lose weight easier and get fit faster. This DVD also has a special menu that allows you to choose exercises individually from both Finger Fitness and Foot Fitness sections.
2.  Brain-Body Fitness Turn Back Time DVD:  20% off $31.96 This recently filmed DVD features two workouts.  The Standing Workout is similar to the T-Tapp Total Workout but features new tweaks from Senior Fit Workout and T-Tapp More – Level 2 to help maximize muscle activation and not allow your body to take path of least resistance. The Floor Workout is similar to Critter Crunch 2, Brain-Body Fitness Floor and Brain-Body Fitness Core Floor but with additional tweaks as featured in Hit the Floor Tempo.  Each workout is effective alone but packs extra power when done back to back.  Discover the difference how full fiber activation of multiple muscles and leverage isometrics in a special sequence for lymphatic function and fascia fitness can make… inside and out!
Or get both for only $46.50!  Just click on the “Deep Discount Tuesday icon” over at T-Tapp!

(Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.)

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