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T-Tapp update #1

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I’m on a roll T-Tapping!  I’m so glad it’s a little easier to get motivated this time.  Unfortunately, it’s not for a happy reason.  Teresa Tapp says that pain is a good motivator, and I have noticed that it is for me.  I have been experiencing a lot of joint pain for about a month before the baby was born.  The days I exercise I have a lot less knee pain–so that keeps me going!  Plus, I really want to lose the baby weight and be able to wear my rings again.

Here is what I’ve done so far:

7/9 Basic Workout Plus Tempo (BW+T) – an 18-minute workout

7/10 BW+T

7/11 BW+T

7/12 BW+T

7/13 BW+T

7/14 nothing

7/15 BW+T

7/16 BW+T   I lost 1/2 inch in my waist!

7/17 2 moves:  primary back-stretch and hoe-downs

7/18 BW+T

7/19 BW+T

Next week I’m going to add some other moves and workouts to mix it up a bit!


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