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Tapestry of Grace: Spring Unit Celebration (plus a curriculum giveaway!)

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Tapestry of Grace Spring unit celebration

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I can’t express to you how wonderful it has been to switch our history/literature curriculum to Tapestry of Grace this year, and to be a part of our Tapestry of Grace Fellowship Group!  We have just completed our 2nd unit celebration of the year.  We did one last fall which was focused on The Roaring Twenties.  This time we expanded even more with the time period being the 1930s – 1960s in 6 different countries that we have recently studied: Israel, India, China, Cuba, Germany, and the southern U.S.

Everyone was encouraged to dress from one of the countries and/or the time period. My family was dressed from the 1950s. I made poodle skirts for myself and 3 of my girls. My oldest daughter wanted a car-hop costume, so I made one for her. It was easy for the boys–jeans and a t-shirt, and we got (borrowed) a couple of black leather jackets.  So fun!

Adler Tapestry Celebration 105

Tapestry of Grace: Spring Unit Celebration Tapestry of Grace: Spring Unit Celebration Tapestry of Grace: Spring Unit Celebration Tapestry of Grace: Spring Unit Celebration

Adler Tapestry Celebration 109

The food was almost all catered and was so yummy!  Here is what we had:

Red Roasted Pepper Hummus
GF Crackers
GF Popcorn Chips

Dal Shorba  (Soup)
Chicken Tikka Marsala
GF Naan
GF Chana Masala

Vegetable Eggrolls
Chicken Fried Rice
White Rice

Cuban sandwiches
Congri ( Black beans and rice)
Yellow Plantains

Southern USA:
Crispy Fried Chicken (Spicy & Reg)
Collard Greens
Candied Sweet Potatoes
Hoppin John (Black-eyed peas and rice)
Fresh Fruit

German Chocolate Cupcakes
Mock Black Forest Cake  (Chocolate cake with cherry filling, whipped creme frosting, topped with chocolate shavings)
Carrot Cake

The decorations were amazing!  The big room we were in was divided into 6 areas, with each representing a different country.  Don’t you love this?


Tapestry of Grace Spring Unit Celebration


Tapestry of Grace Spring Unit Celebration

Southern U.S.A.

Tapestry of Grace Spring Unit Celebration

Adler Tapestry Celebration 066


Tapestry of Grace Spring Unit Celebration


Tapestry of Grace Spring Unit Celebration

Cuba:  (The cigars are Twix!)

Adler Tapestry Celebration 057

After dinner each student group did a presentation:

Acting out the “Pledge of Allegiance:”

Adler Tapestry Celebration 090

Reciting “I Have a Dream” speech and sharing their own dreams:

Adler Tapestry Celebration 091

Sharing some Chinese words and inventions:

Adler Tapestry Celebration 093

Singing “This Land is Your Land:”

Adler Tapestry Celebration 104

The high schoolers acted out a scene they wrote based on “To Kill a Mockingbird.”  We had folk singing, Cuban cha-cha dancing, Cuban drum music, a presentation about missionary work in India, recitation of the Hebrew alphabet, and a presentation about Deitrich Bonhoeffer.

During dinner, a slideshow was playing on the big screen and CDs of each country’s music was playing over the sound system.

Tapestry of Grace: Spring Unit Celebration

My kids loved sitting on the floor to eat!

Adler Tapestry Celebration 060

Adler Tapestry Celebration 062


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  2. We love Tapestry of Grace, but we’re not part of a co-op. Your unit celebrations looks like it was a blast! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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