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The Top 20 Best Educational Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

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Who is tapped out of ideas for stocking stuffer for your kids? Or, maybe you just don’t want anymore small toys that will break in a week and end up in the trash? That’s why I love this list of the top 20 best educational stocking stuffer ideas for kids.

The Top 20 Best Educational Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

Educational Stocking Stuffer Ideas:


Measuring cups and spoons

Flash Cards With Reward Stickers

Alphabet Magnets


3-D Pen

Metallic Pencils

Little Hands Ready Set Sculpt

Toys to Learn


Pair the recorder with a self-paced online course called Recorder Time with Mr. Jerry!

3D Jigsaw Paper Puzzles

Science Kits


Wipe Off Silly Stories Mad Libs

IQ Twist Game

12 Magnetic Travel Games for Kids

Deck of cards


Magnifying glass



Keep it Real

Tool set

Sewing kit

Tape measure

Backyard Safari Power Flashlight

Special Needs

Sensory Processing Toys


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  2. Our family has made a lot of changes recently – moving across the country and starting a homestead. We are trying to live debt-free as well. $500 would help so much with Christmas and other things like clothes for the kids (why do their feet grow so fast, lol?).

  3. What a wonderful Christmas Blessing!

  4. This is an incredible giveaway! Thanks for your generosity! I would love to share some of these with my sons and would also donate a few to an organization like Toys for Tots.

  5. It seems like extra cash is always a blessing whether for groceries or something fun!

  6. I will be able to treat each of my family members to a nice extra Christmas gift. Thanks for the chance!

  7. This would bless our family with some much needed necessity gifts

  8. Tricia Jones says:

    This is such a nice blessing this season. Thank you for the ideas and the opportunity to win.

  9. Tricia Jones says:

    This blessing would be so awesome to help out with our homeschool curriculum and field trips. Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. I absolutely love these ideas! I’ve been trying to figure out something new other than little toys that wind up broke within a week!

  11. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    This would make Christmas and my sons birthday the best days ever! I would be able to get everything on our lists and food too!

  12. Ally Welch says:

    What a great giveaway! This would be such. Blessing to win! Christmas always sneaks up on us and we have no funds set aside for buying gifts. We manage to fund our own family Christmas but would love to bless another family/child by purchasing gifts for them!

  13. I know a family that is really in need this Christmas. I would love to give the money to them.

  14. What an amazing giveaway! I am an SLP and winning this giveaway would help me buy things for my special needs students!

  15. I am a stay at home mom of 3 and my husband works really hard to provide for us. This year has been a bit difficult financially with having just one income and we won’t be able to buy the kids much of anything for Christmas. Winning this giveaway would really be a blessing for my family this year for Christmas.

  16. Great ideas! What a huge blessing the giveaway is. It will ease the burden of holiday shopping in a BIG way ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Beth Adams says:

    Thank you for the gift recommendations!

  18. What a wonderful giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚ We would use it to participate in sports.

  19. I love all these stocking stuffer ideas!

  20. Tiffany F says:

    I LOVE these ideas! $500 would be a tremendous help this Christmas!

  21. Victoria R. says:

    My family is currently struggling financially. We recently went through bankruptcy and have a house in foreclosure right not. We are currently living with a family friend in a small condo. This money, could help us have a good holiday while, also helping us with some of our debt.

  22. We aren’t sure how we are going to provide gifts for our kids this year, we are extremely blessed to finally have a house ( that comes with a payment). This would give us peace of mind that there would be something under the tree (if we get one). CONGRATULATIONS to whoever the winner is and God bless all y’all.

  23. Thank you for the giveaway

  24. Our washing machine just broke. This would definitely be a help to fund the replacement.

  25. Krissie M says:

    Winning this would be awesome. We would be able to get our newly diagnosed ASD son some therapy tools he so desperately needs. Plus school supplies! Thank you for the giveaway!

  26. Corri Montgomery says:

    My family would be blessed if I won the $500 because I would be able to buy each one something special, instead of just buying for the children. Thank you for the opportunity.

  27. It would help out with a lot of bills. We’re going to be behind for a while after making a cross country trip to see a family member in the hospital last month.

  28. It will be a big blessing ‘coz it will add our earnings to start a business ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Great ideas, thank you!

  30. This time of year is so tough financially and emotionally. Thank you for your generosity!

  31. These are wonderful gift ideas for children. I always find buying gifts for children difficult and am constantly looking for ideas from others. With my second child starting homeschool next year, the $500 giveaway would certainly help with curriculum and resources. May you all have a wonderful joyous Christmas.

  32. Cereese Hollen says:

    After being laid off from the oil industry in 2014 and being unsuccessful in securing another steady job, my husband decided to take a leap of faith and start his own business last year. After the unemployment, our savings was completely drained. So this business was started solely on my husband’s handyman and repair skills and the tools and equipment already in our possession. We knew going in that money would be very tight for at least a year or so, but knowing and doing are two very different things. Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love gift giving. I look forward to it all year, but this year I’ve had to swallow that pill and cut nearly everyone from my gift list, a move that everyone thankfully understands but bothers me down to my bones. Having a little extra cash, even just enough to buy supplies to bake cookie gifts would be a true gift of God’s grace.

  33. Elisabeth says:

    Great ideas.. I’ve done the cards, binoculars, and pencils before..

  34. What a blessing this will be for the family that wins. My children would all get some needed clothing (from the thrift store) and boots for the winter.

  35. Ariel Baxter says:

    This would definitely help us out this Christmas – it would be a nice surprise to maybe go towards a family trip or set aside for school trips and fun treats through the year.

  36. Thisfall we had our vehicle vandalized in an attempted theft of it. They also stole our new trailer fille with supplies for our small fudge business. It set us back quite a bit and has put a damer on things here. My hubby works so hard. Something like this would be such an encourage to such a strong and faithful man who loves his family so much.

  37. What a great blessing for the family that wins. My children would all get to go shopping for some needed clothing items (at the thrift store) and boots for the winter.

  38. It would be such a blessing to win this giveaway because it will help us pay off some bills.

  39. Jodi Taylor says:

    Merry Christmas.

  40. With this, we would be able to pay bills and get Christmas gifts instead of having to choose which one.

  41. Elizabeth L. says:

    This would be an amazing blessing! Thank you for your generosity and this opportunity!!

  42. Winning some cash right now would help us replace our van this spring ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Great giveaway. The extra presents that I could buy for my children would be wonderful!

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