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The Valuable Reasons We Switched to Teaching Textbooks for Math

Math is one of those subjects that can really be a struggle for both the homeschool mom and the homeschooled student. We have tried many math curricula and products (apps, computer games, etc.) to help in this area of our homeschool during the past 11 years.

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Read today the valuable reasons we switched to Teaching Textbooks for homeschool math.

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The main math curriculum we used starting in the elementary years was working well until we hit long division. At that time, I had a baby and a toddler and was teaching two other kids to read. When my oldest math student missed problems, I had to work them out myself to figure out where he made the mistake and then work with him to make sure he got the concept. I began thinking, “How am I going to have time to do this with all the kids as they get into middle school and high school math?” It was then that I started talking to my friends.

Good News: Teaching Textbooks 4.0 which will work on all phones, tablets, etc. and doesn’t even need internet access is coming in 2020!


See the Math Problem Worked Out

Teaching Textbooks came up time and again. The biggest draw for me? Every single problem is worked out individually, so if a student misses it and doesn’t know why, all he has to do is click “show me how to do it” and they see the problem worked out!

The Valuable Reasons We Switched to Teaching Textbooks for Math

Teaching Textbooks

Let me tell you a little about Teaching Textbooks.

They have all levels from Math 3 (about 3rd grade) through Pre-Calculus. It’s on CD-Rom, so it’s interactive.

(Update: Teaching Textbooks has an online version now as well!)

They do the math on the computer–listen to the lesson and type in the answers. The computer program grades them and saves the work of the daily lessons, quizzes, and tests to your computer. I love that I can just go into the online grade book and see how they are doing. I often print it out, just in case our computer hard drive crashes–but I do have a back-up to Carbonite as well.

So far, we have used Math 3, Math 4, Math 7, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Geometry with 5 different kids. Even though a lot of them would say they still don’t like math, I get a lot less complaining (and crying) with Teaching Textbooks than I did with other curricula.

The Valuable Reasons We Switched to Teaching Textbooks for Math

Teaching Textbooks also provides the book of all the lessons, problems, and solutions in case you’d prefer to work them out in book form rather than on the computer.

Dad Used It

My husband was helping my older boys with Algebra last year. When they had a question, he would watch the lesson or see the solution worked out and it gave him the reminders that he needed to explain it to the boys.

Elementary Grades

We just recently made the switch to Teaching Textbooks for the elementary grades. I think I was holding back because I was hesitant about the cost and didn’t want my kids using the computer as much. Now, I see that it is cost-effective because I’m not buying consumable workbooks for each student each year. And, using the computer? Well, that’s just a part of life now.

Free Placement Tests

Take a look at Teaching Textbooks and see what you think. They have free placement tests online, so you can choose the level your student needs.

Tech Support

Oh, and one more thing. Their tech support is awesome. I have only had a few times where we had a technical issue, but they always knew exactly how to help me and were available immediately. Just one more of the many reasons we switched to Teaching Textbooks for math!

See a demonstration of Teaching Textbooks 4.0 here:

(Disclosure: We received two elementary math curricula in order to honestly write this sponsored review of Teaching Textbooks. This post also contains affiliate links.)

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