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20 Essential (and Inexpensive) Things from Amazon for Every Homeschool

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Amazon has become my best friend for my homeschool. Things are cheaper there, far easier to find than driving around to various stores, and come quickly with Amazon Prime! Here are a few deals I scouted out for you: 20 Essential (and Inexpensive) Things from Amazon for Every Homeschool

20 Essential (and Inexpensive) Things from Amazon for Every Homeschool

Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through affiliate links in this post.

Amazon Deals for Homeschoolers

Gel Pens

We love pretty colorful gel pens in our homeschool for notebooking and using in planners. My girls even use them in adult coloring books!


So much cheaper than laminating things at an office or teacher supply store. And, I love being able to laminate flashcards and other items quickly at home. You can laminate workbook pages and use dry-erase markers so the page can be used over and over!


We couldn’t do without Sharpies! We use them to label notebooks and in lapbooks.

Pencil Sharpener

If you’re tired of replacing electronic ones, try this pencil sharpener!

Professional Grade Colored Pencils

For mapping and artwork.

Visual Analog Desktop Timer

So helpful for kids who need help staying focused. They can look up and see how much more time they are to spend on their present subject.

Portable Laptop Desk

More of my kids are using laptops for their schoolwork. Some are like me and prefer to sit on the couch or a bed. A portable laptop desk is perfect for our Morning Time, too!

Box of Gluesticks

We sure go through enough glue sticks in our house! I like buying them cheaper by the box.

3-Ring Binders

We use a lot of 3-ring binders in our homeschool, and this set is so much cheaper at Amazon than buying individually in a store!


Our kids do math and some other subjects on a desktop computer. Headphones are essential for their concentration and get one with a microphone for the live classes!


Isn’t it nice that laptops, in the form of Chromebooks, are so much more affordable than they used to be?

Wall Maps

Help your kids master geography by having maps up on the wall at all times.


I don’t know what I’d do without a printer at home. We use it almost every day.

3-Hole Punch

I use this heavy-duty hole punch every week in our homeschool!

Homeschool Books for Mom

I could list so many more books, but here are just a few to get you started.

Educational Toys and Games

I like a lot of lifestyle learning for the early years of homeschool, and educational toys and games are perfect!

Do you have some favorite things from Amazon for every homeschool? Share in the comments below!

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