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This week in our Homeschool

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Today my goal is to actually follow the schedule I’ve set out for our homeschool year!  Some new things start today.  My 5 yo daughter starts violin lessons.  She is so excited!  I’m am so blessed to have found a teacher who comes to our house.  The older boys will be continuing their lessons, too.

Also, this evening BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) begins for the older boys.  This will be the first year in about 10 years that my husband won’t be in leadership!  The break will be nice, but I’m glad that the 3 of them will still be going.  They will be studying the book of John.

As for our studies, we’ll be finishing up our Pirates study this week.  I decided to fit it in before the more important history studies begin (Explorers, Reformation, Renaissance, etc.)  My oldest son has been begging to study pirates for about 3 years!

Here is a copy of the schedule.  We’ll see if I can actually do it!

Schedule 2009-2010


Time               What to do


6-7:30         Wake up, personal Bible reading/prayer, Mom shower, all breakfast

7:30-9         Morning Chores/Schoolwork  (Mom-exercise for 15 min.)

(vitamins, brush teeth and hair, dishwasher, handwriting, practice      violin)

9-9:30         Bible Time (pray, doctrine/read-aloud, Bible reading, memory practice, and sing), baby down for morning nap first

9:30-10       MWF-Math, T/TH-Science

10-11:00     M-Violin lessons (B Latin lesson)

T-Spanish (listen to CD, notebook)


Th-library or read aloud library books


11-11:30     M: boys typing lesson on computer (M’s violin lesson)

T:  Musikgarten for preschoolers (3 younger kids)

W: piano lesson for 3 older kids

Th: choral music/ singing lesson

 F: chore training/ clean house (vacuum, dust, bathroom, mop)

11:30-12     Lunch and clean up (listen to Spanish CD during lunch)

12:00-1:00   P.E./ play outside, computer for Mom

1:00-1:15     L,T, & R down for naps/quiet time in room (read to them first)

1:15-2:30     J read to Mom; M phonics; read-aloud of poetry, history, current events, and novel/ biography

2:30-3:30     Quiet/ rest time (play games, silent reading, or book on CD)

3:30-4:00     Snack, practice piano (15 minutes each child)

4:00-4:30     15 more minutes piano practice; MWF-fold clothes, T-clean up basement, Th-clean up downstairs and get ready for swim lesson

4:30-5:00     Clean up downstairs, dinner prep (one helper each month)

5:00-5:30     Video (only educ. videos during the week)

5:30-6:30     Dinner and clean up

6:30-7:00     Family worship time (M- BSF, T-singing, W-game or read aloud, Th-swim lessons, F-singing)

7:00-7:30     L and T to bed

7:30-8:15     Other kids to bed

8:30            Lights out girls

9:00            Lights out boys


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