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“Tiffany Window” See the Light DVD on Sale!

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You all know I LOVE the See the Light art DVDs!  My kids have had so much fun and learned so much with these DVDs.

Here is this month’s special:

Art Projects: Tiffany Window for 12.50. This includes FREE SHIPPING in the USA.

Use Coupon Code: OCTOBER

Offer is good thru October 31, 2013. This makes a great activity for the whole family.  🙂

What you’ll learn and do with Tiffany Window:

Ages 10+       Running Time: 102 Minutes

Watch and Produce Your Own Masterpiece in 4 Step-By-Step Lessons!  (Allow about 1 hour per lesson.)

  •   PLAN YOUR COMPOSITION  Sketch flowers, leaves, stems  (21 minutes)
  •   RULE OF THIRDS  Complete sketch (24 minutes)
  •   COLOR THEORY  Marker techniques on flower, stem and background shapes  (29 minutes)
  •   COMPLETED MASTERPIECE  The stained glass window effect  (28 minutes)


  • 11”x14” piece of bristol board or poster board
  • An artificial flower with leaves and multiple blooms
  • A #2 pencil
  • Good white or gray kneaded eraser
  • Set of broad magic markers in a variety of colors
  • Thick black permanent marker
  • Sharp point black permanent marker
  • Scrap paper or newspaper


(I am an affiliate of See the Light, and this post contains affiliate links.)

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