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Trip pics #1: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

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Finally, for the long-awaited pictures:

We began our vacation this summer with a long drive from the Chicago area all the way to Pittsburgh.  The kids had some fun playing with Wikki Stix in the car.

That evening after a nice Italian dinner next to the hotel, we drove around the city.  I had heard that Pittsburgh was very pretty, and it was!

The next morning we went to the National Aviary, or the Bird Zoo, as we described it to our animal-loving 2 yo.  There were some fun hands-on experiences and a neat flight show.

The Aviary was a great place.  Above you can see that we were able to “feed the Lories.”  We became members (even though we won’t be going back anytime soon) since it only cost $2 more.  We’ve already made up for the cost by getting free parking at the Chicago Botanic Garden and a great discount at the Morton Arboretum!


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  2. Mike looks like the bird man from alcatraz!!! Very cool !!

    thanks for sharing.

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