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Updated Schedule

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Well, the schedule I posted earlier was full of good intentions, but hasn't worked.  So, I have updated it with one I can actually follow!


5:30          My Quiet Time

6:00-7:00  Children arise, I shower

7:00-8:00  Breakfast, boys empty dishwasher and brush teeth, free play

8:00          5yo practices violin, baby down for nap, 3 older kids fold clothes

8:45          1.  Bible Time (read from Matthew, chapter from Leading Little Ones to God,  

                      sing, pray, and scripture memory)

                 2.  Phonics (using TATRAS), boys separately

                 3.  Handwriting Without Tears for both boys

                     [On Thursdays we have Musikgarten classes from 9:15-10:30 a.m.]

10:00 or 10:30  Wake up baby from nap–run errands, go to library, violin 

                 lesson, doctor's appt., etc.

11:30        Lunch

1:00          Naptime:

                 1.  Read to baby, down for nap

                 2.  Read to 2 yo, down for nap

                 3.  Boys read to me separately from their readers (Rod and Staff)

                 4.  Read Aesop Fable (boys take turns narrating)

                 5.  Read aloud from Story of the World with Egermeier's Story Bible, library 

                      books and Strawberry Girl

2:15-3:15  My rest time, boys listen to a book on CD

3:15-4:00   Boys play, I might do a project with them

4:00           Wake up girls

4:30           Kids clean up downstairs

5:00           30-minute video/DVD (I like Signing Time a couple of times a week)

5:30 or 6:00 Dinner

6:30           Baby to bed

7:30           Other kids up to bed.  We do our simple family worship upstairs after reading

                  to the kids.  My husband reads the chapter of Proverbs for the day, we sing

                  and pray.


Hopefully, it's obvious what my priorities are for the homeschooling at this point:  Bible: reading, doctrine, learning to pray, learning hymns and praise songs, memorizing scripture; learning to read and handwriting; reading aloud; learning to work around the house; and lots of free play.  The other things will be added in when I can:  ministry (we're sending drawings and cards to people we pray for), Spanish (listening to CDs from The Easy Spanish), math (money, calendar, clock, measurement are our focuses right now); art (hopefully one project a week); sign language (Signing Time DVDs), and science (through being out in nature and taking care of praying mantises!). 




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  2. TwaddleMeNot says:

    I’m so impressed with your schedule! I think I need to learn to get to bed earlier so I can get up earlier and get more done! I didn’t realize you had so many little ones the same age as mine. Thanks for posting your schedule! Have a great week


  3. TwaddleMeNot says:

    Hi again, I know I already commented, but I was wondering what your little ones do while you’re reading aloud. Do they all sit with you, or work on projects, or does it just vary? I really enjoyed reading through your blog for awhile tonight – you have such a wonderful heart toward your family and it really convicted me. Your kids are so adorable! Have a great night, Gena!


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