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Legoland California review: A Vacation Scrapbook

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For the next few weeks I’ll be sharing about our recent California trip.  I thought I’d start today with the last thing we did–visit Legoland California! Read our Legoland California review below.

Legoland California

As you can see from the f picture, the lines to buy tickets weren’t too long. We arrived about 10:30 a.m. (The gates had opened at 10 a.m.) And we stayed until they closed at 6 p.m.!  I had visited the Lego Store near us and picked up 3 Lego magazines in order to get the coupons for “Buy one adult ticket, get one child ticket free.”

We were also blessed by Legoland California to get two free tickets in exchange for this honest review.  So, our admission price was half what it would have been!  (I’ll share at the end of the post some different ways to get discounted tickets.)

Legoland California

California 1 310

One thing you will definitely see all through Legoland California are some incredible sculptures made of Legos.

California 1 312

The first ride we went on was Fairy Tale Brook.  We rode in little boats and saw fairy tale creatures built of Legos.  They were even moving!

California 1 333

We enjoyed getting our picture taken with Emmet.  My daughter didn’t want to stop holding his hand!

California 1 359

This cute train ride was in Duplo Village.  Sometimes when the younger children were on a ride, the older kids went to look in the stores which were spread throughout the park.

California 1 371

California 168

Another thing in the Duplo Village were Water Works:

California 1 565

Driving School

Both the older and younger kids did the Driving School (called Junior Driving School for ages 3-5).  It was so cute to see my 3-year-old son driving a car!

California 1 388

California 174



California 177

Where to Eat

We ate at the Fun Town Market Restaurant.  The hamburgers were huge and really filled us up. We even got free cups of ice water, so it wasn’t too expensive.

Landmarks made of Legos

We all enjoyed visiting Miniland USA which included several U.S. city’s landmarks built of Legos.  Really cool!

California 184

California 1 410 California 1 418 California 1 452

California 181

California 186

Some of these Miniland buildings we saw while we were riding in the Coast Cruise as well.  Our boat captain was pretty funny and kept making fun of my son’s Yankee ball-cap.

California 180

California 182

California 1 551

California 183

Lego Star Wars

And, of course, we also loved Lego Star Wars!

California 1 470 California 1 477 California 1 489

Where Mom Can Rest & Legoland California app

I got to sit and take a break while the kids played at The Hideaways.  I also spent some time exploring the free Legoland California iPhone app and discovered they updated the wait times for the rides throughout the day.  That was quite useful as we decided how to plan the rest of our time there.

California 1 494

California 188

My oldest even went down this slide, although he said it was a tight squeeze!

California 187

Roller Coasters at Legoland California

While the older kids went on the totally awesome Lego Technic Coaster, the younger ones did the Bionicle Blaster twirly ride and Dune Raiders slide.

California 1 508

California 1 513

California 1 594

The Lego Movie

And one of the highlights was visiting the set of The Lego Movie.

California 163 California 164 California 165 California 166 California 167

Popular Rides

Another ride that I did with the kids was Kid Power Towers. We set out to do the Sky Crusier, which is probably the post popular ride. It didn’t have less than an hour wait all day long. So we headed next door to the Kid Power Towers. You ride it in pairs. I was with my 3-year-old. You pull yourself up with a rope and then let go to float to the bottom. I was proud of myself for doing this one since I’m afraid of heights!
California 191    California 195 California 196   California 199   California 202 California 203

Toward the end of the day a few kids rode on Captain Cranky’s Challenge while others played in the Skipper School (and another slept):

California 1 582 California 1 583 California 1 584 California 1 585

Rides Where You Get Wet

There are a few rides where you can get wet, and the Aquazone Wave Racers was one of them!

California 1 534

California 1 535

California 1 537

We Loved Legoland!

So, we left Legoland California happy that we had gone there over the more popular California theme park.  It was the right place for the kids’ ages, 13 down to 2.  My oldest was a little bored since there were so many “little kid” rides, but the little kids were thrilled to get to do almost everything!

The park wasn’t too crowded.  We did wait in line for different rides, but not too long.  My older kids tried three roller coasters and definitely like the Technic Coaster the best.  They love Legos, so they loved Legoland.

Here’s the Technic Coaster:

California 1 506

California 1 514

California 189

Other Legoland California attractions

By the way, there are 3 other attractions connected with Legoland California that we didn’t check out:  the Chima Water Park, the Sealife Aquarium, and the Legoland Hotel.  We only went to the main park and only did about 1/2 of it even though we were there all day.  Some coupons and specials give you options for 2 or 3 days.  You could definitely spend that much time there!

Ways to Save MONEY at Legoland California:

(I know these are now expired, but maybe the same companies run these promotions every year.)

– American Tire Depot: IN-STORE PROMOTION – if you purchase a certain
dollar amount at the American Tire Depot or Evans Tires, you can fill
out a form online or in-store to receive 2 or 4 LEGOLAND tickets
directly from ATD/Evans Tires.  If the form is completed online, you
will receive an email stating “Thanks for your submission, please allow
us 6-8 weeks to process.” Promotion runs through December 31, 2014.

– Buy 3 Merlin Annual Passes, Get 1 Child Merlin Annual Pass FREE: not
valid on the monthly payment option or with any other promotions,
discounts or offers. 4 Merlin Annual Passes must be purchased in the
same transaction and must include at least one adult Merlin Annual Pass.
Promotion runs through August 31, 2014 and expires 8/31/2014

– Circle K / Unilever Promotion: Free Child with Paid Adult “Pick One
Hopper” to LEGOLAND California Resort. Coupon offer available at Circle
K locations in California with the purchase of any Good Humor, Popsicle
or Fruttare brand product. Promo runs through June 30, 2014 and expires

– Wendy’s: Free Child with Paid Adult “Pick One Hopper” to LEGOLAND
California Resort. Coupon offer available on Wendy’s 30 oz cup,
trayliners and on coupons inside all San Diego, Orange County, Inland
Empire, Los Angeles, Ventura, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Bakersfield
and El Centro restaurants. 

– LEGO Store & Free Child with Paid Adult to LEGOLAND
California Resort 1-day Pick One Hopper. (Valid 1 for 1). Receive this
offer with ANY LEGO purchase inside a LEGO Store (Does not include
LEGOLAND Attractions) in North America, AND/OR on with
any LEGO purchase. Promotion runs through June 30, 2014 and expires

Sign up at to receive their free magazine.  It includes a coupon for Free Child with Paid Adult.  You can also sometimes get the magazines at Lego Stores and Discovery Centers.

Also, children under 3 get into the park for FREE!

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(Disclosure:  I received 2 free tickets to Legoland California in exchange for this honest review.)


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  2. That looks like SO much fun! My husband definitely wants to go there when we make our BIG California trip. Whenever that happens. 🙂

  3. I have always wanted to take my boys to Legoland!!! But living in KY I doubt we will make it to the CA one. I loved your photos and my boys just ooh and ahhed. LOL!

  4. Greta post!! We have just got back from Legoland Windsor, London. They seem very alike but different at the same time xx

  5. Thanks for sharing so many photos. We’re heading out to Florida later this year and we’re going to visit Legoland while we’re there. I’m so excited, my hubby is a big Lego fan and I went to the Legoland in Denmark when I was a kid and had a blast!

  6. how fun! Visiting LegoLand is on my family’s ‘bucket list’ so hopefully we be able to visit one day. Our oldest son and his family visited there earlier this year and had a great time, especially my engineer-son who’s grown up building with lego 😉

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