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What we’re learning

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I haven’t had time to write much or post pictures lately, but hopefully I will soon.  As a quick update, we just finished a study of fossils, rocks and minerals in January.  I had originally planned on studying the Rain Forest, but my 7 yo son really wanted to study rocks and fossils.  So, I found some great books at Answers in Genesis and ordered some sample rocks, minerals and fossils.  We used plaster of paris to "make" a fossil and did a lapbook with some of the Rockhound activites from Hands of a Child.  It was more fun than I thought it would be.

We have also finished up our Old Testament history.  We’re almost finished with memorizing a verse (or passage) from every Old Testament book, too!  We just completed our reading of Victory on the Wall: A Story of Nehemiah, which was an historical fiction account of the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s wall.

My mom came for a visit a week ago, and we were able to go on a couple of field trips, including the Kohl Children’s Museum.  They also played lots of board and card games (not my strong point, but so great for them!)  My 3 older kids are now in swim lessons, too, for a few months.  And the two older boys are continuing with their violin lessons.  I’m taking a break from our day Musikgarten classes (including for the 4-7 age group) but hope to get back to it soon.  The night class is for my 3 younger kids, and it is a Christian-based curriculum.  We have 2 other families who join us.  During our Bible Time, we have started again with Leading Little Ones to God by Schoolland.

This week we have started into Ancient Greek history.  I’m using Story of the World, Famous Men of Greece, Aesop’s Fables, Usborne’s Greek Myths (very watered down for young kids), a historical novel called "Theras and His Town" by Snedeker, and a website to start learning the Greek alphabet:
This website is great–it has flashcards of the letters to post on the wall and says the pronunciation of the letter as well as shows you how to draw it.  I also found some free worksheets here:

We’re also doing a unit study on the U.S. Presidents during February.  I found some great books at the library today, and the boys will do copywork of some of the President’s best quotes.  I’d love to take a trip to Springfield, Illinois and go to the Lincoln Museum there.  We’ll see.

Another great book we’ve been reading is "Life in the Great Ice Age" by Oard.  It’s in between a picture book and historical novel and explains the biblical view of the Ice Age and cave men.  It’s great! 

My older sons continue with phonics instruction using TATRAS and reading to me from Rod and Staff readers (biblical stories).  My 4 yo daughter has just started some phonics instruction, too.  The boys practice handwriting from Handwriting Without Tears when they aren’t doing copywork.

In the evenings, my husband has been reading the Little House on the Prairie series to the boys.  They are now in the book  "Little Town on the Prairie," and he’s also reading them the book of Revelation.  And a new thing–my 7 yo has begun reading the Chronicles of Narnia to his younger brother every night as they are in bed.  I love it!  They’re reading "Prince Caspian" now. 

As I look at the above list, I realize we’re doing a lot.  But there is always more I wish we could do, such as Spanish, Sign Language, cooking, more chore/housework instruction, Nature Notebooks, more geography and I keep forgetting to have them narrate.  Well, we can’t do it all!

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  2. jabbabean says:


    Just think of all the things your kids will have learned or at least have been exposed to this school year. You should feel very productive! I think you are doing a great job.

    Hope to see you soon.


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