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Why it’s Beneficial to do Bible Journaling with a Free Bible Journaling Course

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I love to read my Bible daily, but sometimes I tend to get in a rut. I want to keep learning and growing closer to Christ and have found that Bible Journaling is one way to spark a new interest. Today I’ll share why it’s beneficial to do Bible Journaling. Plus, keep reading below to see Free Bible Journaling Course you can take.

Why it’s Beneficial to do Bible Journaling:

  1. Bible Journaling helps you focus on the text. You take a small part, maybe even just part of a verse, and meditate on it, just like we are encouraged in the Psalms to do.
  2. You use the creative talents that God gave you and create something that will bring you closer to Him.
  3. Because of the beauty you create, you will often go back to those passages and verses and re-read them.

If you are saying to yourself that you have no talent or no idea how to do Bible Journaling, there are a couple of options to help you. First, many Bible Journaling Kits include things like tabs and stickers, so you can just use those instead of free-drawing something. Here is a Bible Journaling kit I really enjoy using:

Bible Journaling Kit

Bible Journaling Kit

Second, there are Bibles that already have things drawn in them; you just do the coloring.

This first Journaling Bible has wider margins so you have more room for your journaling.


Here is an awesome Journaling Bible for coloring.

And, third, there are courses (even free ones) that you can take so you’ll learn new skills and ideas.

Free Bible Journaling Course:

Bible Journaling course

If you’d like to learn more about Bible Journaling, check out this FREE

Bible Journaling Course for Beginners from Bible Journaling Ministries.

Wow! Look at all you’ll learn:

  • 1: Bible Journaling Quick Start
  • 2: How to Find Scripture for Bible Journaling
  • 3: Finding the Best Bible for You
  • 4: Protecting Your Bible and Workspace
  • 5: Tracing in Your Bible
  • 6: Decoding the Many Pencil Choices
  • 7: Coloring in Your Bible
  • 8: Adding Tip-ins
  • 9: Using Stickers and “Other Stuff” in Your Bible + Bonus*
  • 10: Bonus* Shhhh…it’s a secret.
  • *Bonuses include printable stickers in .pdf format.

Other Bible Journaling Resources:

She Reads Truth Bible in genuine brown cowhide leather

She Reads Truth Bible


Faith and Lettering Journal


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