Canning Crock Pot Apple Butter- A Tutorial

**Jars of this delicious homemade Apple Butter would make an awesome Christmas gift!

Apple Butter in a Crock Pot & Canning It - A Tutorial

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Are you ready to make some yummy apple butter? My husband LOVES it, so I’ve been making lots every fall for the past few years.  Here’s the recipe:

Crock Pot Apple Butter

20 apples, cored and cut into pieces (keep skins on)
2 cups apple cider (or substitute apple juice or water)
3 cups sugar
2 t. cinnamon
1/2 t. ground cloves

Put apples and cider into crock-pot on low for 10 hours.  (I do it overnight.)
In the morning, barely puree in a blender–don’t liquify!  Add it back to the crock-pot and put in the sugar and spices.  Cook on low for 1 more hour.

Now you can simply put it in the refrigerator (it will keep for several weeks).  Or put in freezer containers to freeze.  Or can it; process 10 minutes.  It makes about 5 pint-sized jars (10 of the 8-ounce jelly jars).


1.  Wash, core, and cut up apples.  Put in large crock-pot with 2 cups of cider, juice, or water.

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2.  Cook on low 10 hours overnight.

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3.  Puree in a blender.

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4.  Put back in to the crock-pot with sugar and spices.  Cook on low one more hour.  Wash jars and rings in dishwasher–use heat dry so they will stay hot until ready to fill.  Get canning pot ready.  Start water to boil about 20 minutes before the apple butter will be done.

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5.  Preheat oven to 200 or 250 degrees to keep jars hot.  Boil water in a pot.  Place the new lids in the pot, turn off the heat, and cover with a lid.
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6.  Fill jars with apple butter leaving about 1/2 to 1/4 inch headspace.  Wipe tops with a paper towel.  Put lids and rings on.  Place back in oven until ready to put all jars into the pot.  (Using the right tools makes canning so much easier!  See below for my suggestions.)

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7.  Place jars on rack in water-bath canning pot.  Lower rack; cover and boil for 10 minutes.  (Make sure there’s about an inch of water above jars after lowering.)

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8.  Remove jars from pot and place on a towel to cool.  Check later to see if the jar sealed by pressing on the lid.  If it pops back up, put in the refrigerator and use first.

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**Have fun making apple butter and let me know if you make some! Please “pin it.”

Crock Pot Apple Butter Canning Tutorial


  1. I love Apple Butter and have been wanting to make some recently. I’m going to give your recipe a try. Pinning from the Pinning Party to later use. Thanks!!
    Jana recently posted..Ramsign GiveawayMy Profile

  2. Simply delightful! Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  3. What is the shelf-life after canning the apple butter? I can’t imagine it wouldn’t get eaten in time, but I was curious!

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