Studying whales and walruses with YouTube

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We’re studying ocean animals this year and have found YouTube to be a great resource!  Here are my Top Ten favorite whale and walrus videos.

(By the way, the picture above was taken by me of a beluga whale at the Shedd Aquarium–one of my favorite places!)

Breaching whale–amazing how close they were!

Swimming With Sperm Whales

Spyhopping Killer Whales

Lobtailing humpback whales

Beluga whale giving birth


News Reports about Humphrey from 1985.  He’s a humpback whale who mistakenly swam up the Sacramento River.

 Killer whales attack and kill minke whale (a little graphic)

And a couple of my favorite animal:  The Walrus!

Walrus and mommy

Walrus exercising

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