Giveaway of 3 Zondervan Books for Kids & 3 for Teens!

I have a wonderful giveaway today.  There are two sets of books–one for kids and one for teens.  Enter one giveaway or both!  These would be wonderful to give to your kids for Easter, or for any other occasion!

The Kids Set (for preschool-age 7) has

The Legend of the Easter Egg by Lori Walburg (illustrated by Richard Cowdrey) The Berenstain Bears Keep the Faith, by Mike Berenstain 101 Bible Stories from Creation to Revelation (illustrated by Dan Andreasen)   Zondervan books 007 In The Legend of the Easter Egg, we follow the story of a little boy whose sister has become very sick.  He goes to stay with friends while she gets better.  While there he learns about why Easter eggs remind us of Easter.  A chick breaks out of its egg, just like Christ broke out of the tomb. The boy understands about Jesus and His sacrifice and gives his life to Christ.    On Easter morning he runs to see his sister who is now better to tell her of his new faith in Jesus.  It’s a pretty, hardback book. Zondervan books 008   Book reviews- Daniel, Noah, Berenstain Bears Keep Faith, Veggie 018 In The Berenstain Bears Keep the Faith Brother and Sister Bear find out that their science-loving friend Ferdy Factual doesn’t believe God created the world.  It’s the first time Brother and Sister encounter someone who thinks that you can’t believe in or trust God if you are a scientist. Brother and Sister love science, too.  They love to learn about dinosaurs and fossils, to look at the stars with a telescope, and to look through a microscope at germs.  But when they are looking at the moon through a telescope with Ferdy, Sister mentions that God did a good job.  Ferdy tell them that not only does he not believe that God created everything, he doesn’t even believe in God.  He only believes in things he can see and test and prove. The bears talked to their parents about it.  Mama tells them that they have to have faith.  Now that’s a hard concept for young kids to understand!  So, the next day they go to visit Preacher Brown to see if he can expain it better.  They learn that faith comes from reading the Bible, feeling God’s love for us, and in seeing the beauty of God’s creation.  Preacher Brown also tells them that Daniel in the Bible had faith that God would save him from the lions.  Faith in God is trusting in his love.  Brother and Sister Bear decide at the end of the story that faith in God is important to them. I love how this book shows that you can be a “scientist” and have faith in God at the same time. Book reviews- Daniel, Noah, Berenstain Bears Keep Faith, Veggie 020 Book reviews- Daniel, Noah, Berenstain Bears Keep Faith, Veggie 019     Zondervan books 013 101 Bible Stories From Creation to Revelation is a Bible story book.  There are 3 things I really like about this book that make it unique from other Bible story books:  half of the stories are from the New Testament, the illustrations are more realistic (not cartoonish), and it has a higher reading level.  It is perfect for reading to children or for independent older readers to read to themselves.  Each facing page has one page of the story and one page of illustration.  Hardback book with 217 pages. Zondervan books 014 Zondervan books 015

The Teens Set has

All In Student Edition by Mark & Parker Batterson

Gods at War Student Edition by Kyle Idleman

and a choice of one of these Bibles:
Young Women of Faith Bible, NIV (Hardcover)

NIV Bible for Teens (Blue)

Zondervan books 011 All In Student Edition is an encouraging book for helping teens choose the right life–the God life.  I really enjoyed reading about different peoples’ experiences in the book.  You’ll find stories of Colonel Joshua Chamberlain (Civil War), Stanley Tam (United States Plastic Corporation), and Phil Vischer (Veggie Tales), among many others.  Inspire your teen with this book (paperback, 160 pages). Zondervan books 012 Zondervan books 009 Gods at War Student Edition explains to students how to recognize and fight against the modern-day idols we see in our society.  There are 3 specific idols that are highlighted: Pleasure, Power, and Love.  Anything that teens might put before God (entertainment, technology, pornography, drugs, materialism, etc.) is talked about in this book, and they learn how to serve Jesus instead.  Paperback, 203 pages.   Zondervan books 010 Zondervan books 016 This blue-covered NIV Bible for Teens is beautiful in charcoal and blue faux leather.  It’s less than an inch thick, has a ribbon marker, 8 pages of maps, and Christ’s words in read.  It’s in the new NIV translation Zondervan books 017 Zondervan books 018 Zondervan books 019 Zondervan books 020 Zondervan books 021 And a Bible for girls: The Young Women of Faith Bible.  In this hardback Bible, you’ll find the regular features (maps, concordance, and full NIV text) as well as a Weekly Bible Study and some commentary explaining difficult passages.  There are journal sections to learn about other girls’ experiences and to write about your own and specific verses to memorize. Zondervan books 022 Zondervan books 023 Zondervan books 024 Zondervan books 025

Enter one or both giveaways below on the Rafflecopter!  Winners will be chosen on Saturday April 5 and will have 24 hours to respond to my email. Two different winners will be chosen (can’t win both giveaways).

Congratulations to the winners:  Liz and Sara!

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Giveaway of “ABC Say it With Me” and “For His Own Glory”

Would you like to win these the two DVDs “ABC Say it With Me” from Moore Family Films and “For His Own Glory” from Crowe’s Nest Media?  Go here to enter!

“ABC Say it With Me” is a wonderful DVD for preschoolers which has a short vignette and Bible verse to memorize for each of letter of the alphabet.

“For His Own Glory” teaches sign language to little ones.

Giveaway ends 3/6/14!

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Review of Adventure Bible Website and App & {Link Party}


About the Adventure Bible Website

The Adventure Bible Website,, is a fun, safe, and free website for kids ages 8-12 from the publishers of the Adventure Bible (Zondervan). The site provides several interactive games, activity sheets, Bible search and resources to help kids learn more about the Bible. Educators, including homeschool parents, can also register students and access over 700 teaching resources as well as have Bible game points tracked onto their teacher classroom page.  Check out the video on this page (or right below) which gives you a tour of the Adventure Bible website and explains all you get for the free registration!

Here are links to a few key areas:

 1. Online Bible Games  See below for descriptions of the 5 games.

2. Bible search. Kids can type in a verse and it comes up along with notes and features to click on for application and background info.

3. Printable activities including crosswords, word searches, devotionals, and Scripture flash cards

Descriptions of the Games:
Truthquest:   Truthquest is a trivia game.  There are many different categories and three difficulty levels to choose from.  The answers are multiple choice.


Books of the Bible:   In Books of the Bible, the kids slide the books into the correct Bible book order.  They are broken up into sections, about 5-10 books to order at a time.

Leopardy:   In Leopardy, kids answer questions in a game similar to Jeopardy, with different money levels and a chance to wager an amount for the final question.

Leapin’ Lemur:   Leapin’ Lemur is a game where the kids fill in letters for a Bible verse.  It’s similar to Wheel of Fortune.

X Marks the Spot:  X Marks the Spot is a map game.  Kids identify the correct area on the map and place a flag on it.




I found the games on Adventure Bible website a good way to increase Bible knowledge.  I’m glad there is a variety, such as learning Bible verses, learning about Bible geography, and memorizing the order of the books of the Bible, as well as lots of questions about different events and people of the Bible.  It’s also great that there are different levels of difficulty in a few of the games.

You don’t have to register as a teacher on the site in order to use it.  The kids can still play lots of great Bible-learning games without any type of registration. But homeschool parents (or others) who register on the site (free of charge) can also access hundreds of additional resources including maps, illustrations, fill-in-the-blank sheets, answer keys, timelines and more.  I downloaded a crossword puzzle, Bible reading plan, and a bulletin insert.  There is so much available!

Zondervan also just released a brand-new Adventure Bible app for iPad as well. This free app, available through the iTunes store, allows you to be able to access the games that are on the website via the iPad.  They are the same 5 games I described above.  I’m so glad to have a new app–and website–for my kids to learn about the Bible!

(Disclosure: In exchange for this honest review of the Adventure Bible website and app, Zondervan will send me a copy of the newly updated Adventure Bible.)

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Review of 3 New Adventure Bible Titles

Leaves 010

I have three new titles from the Adventure Bible brand to share with you today.

First, the Adventure Bible Storybook, Deluxe Edition which includes a beautiful 285-page hardback book and a set of 2 CDs. The CDs contain the entire Bible storybook and enhance it wonderful readers who use special voices as well as music and sound effects. My younger kids LOVED listening to the CDs in the car! The stories are written simplistically, for ages 4-7, and include some extraneous information not found in Scripture which may be confusing. For example, telling us that Daniel in the lion’s den could hear the lions’ tails swishing back and forth. That would be my only complaint with these well-made resources.  I tend to prefer reading the Bible rather than storybooks to my kids, but I do feel this was a great way for younger ones to start learning about the wonderful people and history in the Bible.  I’m glad we have the CDs, too, because they can listen to them and follow along in the book on their own.  In addition to the story, you’ll also find “Adventure Discovery” which gives an interesting fact related to the story and “Words to Treasure,” a great verse  to memorize or meditate on!

Leaves 016

Leaves 017


Leaves 011


Next, is a great book called the Adventure Bible Handbook: A Wild Ride Through the Bible. I think this was my favorite of the three titles. It’s comic-book style, hardback, and 204 pages. Here’s the premise:

“When an archaeologist on an expedition in the Holy land disappears, his four children try to find him with the help of his assistant and an offbeat tour group run by two zany guides whose mission, it turns out, is to lead kids from all over the world on a life-changing quest for the truth. Soon the group is visiting ancient cities, exploring important geographical sites, and traveling back in time to experience biblical events firsthand–with the help of RSPs (Really Smart Phones). Along the way, the children look for clues to their father’s whereabouts and learn about ancient Bible times and witness important historical events, like the parting of the Red Sea, the building and filling of Noah’s ark, and the crucifixion of Jesus. As they continue searching and their father is not to be found, the kids are tempted to give up. But finishing this crazy tour may just be the key to finding their father–and learning what life is all about!”

Here’s what you’ll find in this great book:

  • A fun storyline of the kids with the tour guides traveling to different times and places throughout biblical history
  • Commentary from the adults as to what the events of the Bible mean for us today
  • The gospel is shared!
  • Photographs of certain things referred to in Scripture, such as the animals and architecture and things found from archaeological digs
  • Maps
  • Great art (such as Michelangel’s “The Entombment”)
  • The back has a Reading Guide to the Bible (tells you where to find things), The Apostle’s Creed–explained, Scripture index and Subject index for the book, and Image Guide

I really, really like this book!  It’s surprising to me because I typically don’t like the comic book style at all.  But I’m going to have my 7-year-old son read it and study it next year when he becomes a little better reader.  He’ll learn a lot!  I might also have my 11-year-old son use it for his Bible Study.  I love all the commentary that’s included.

Leaves 014

Leaves 015

Leaves 013


Finally, I reviewed the Adventure Bible Book of Devotions. In this paperback book you find 365 single-page devotions perfect for kids ages 8-12. Each day includes a Scripture, short story, and application questions. It’s an easy way for young kids to take responsibility for growing in their faith by reading it to themselves each day. Or it could be used by a parent in leading devotions with their kids.

Leaves 018

(Disclosure: I received the above books and CDs complimentary from the publisher in order to write this honest review. This post also contains affiliate links.)

Review/Giveaway of “God’s Love for You” Bible storybook by Stearns

I have a lot of Bible storybooks, and almost didn’t ask to review (and giveaway!) God’s Love for You by Rick and Renee Stearns.

There was something unique about this book, though, and here is what drew me to it (from the Thomas Nelson website):

“World Vision® CEO Richard Stearns and his wife, Reneé, present stories about children they’ve met through World Vision, what life is like in their corner of the world, and how God is working through their lives. Also features fun facts about each child’s home country.”

We’re studying world geography this year, and I love this feature!  So, after every few Bible stories, you’ll find a 2-page spread of a child’s story with special facts about the country he or she lives in!

And here’s another awesome feature: Proceeds of this book will be donated to World Vision!




*ages 4-9

*Contains favorite Bible stories and remarkable faith stories about children worldwide that share the themes of God’s love and faithfulness

*Kids will learn about God’s Word and discover that they can be a part of what He is doing in the world today

*Contains vibrant illustrations of Bible stories and beautiful photos from all over the world

*Beautifully illustrated by Martina Peluso in bright, whimsical displays. Carolyn Larsen, author of The Little Girl’s Bible Storybook, assisted writing the Bible stories.

*272 pages





See the Flipbook of the inside here.


And please enter the giveaway of this beautiful and meaningful book using the Rafflecopter app below.  The winner must be from the U.S. and reply to my email within 24 hours. Giveaway ends October 20.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(Disclosure:  I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publishers in exchange for this honest review.  This post also contains affiliate links.)