Review of “The Redcoats are Coming” Imagination Station Book # 13

Welcome to the review of Imagination Station book #13:  The Redcoats are Coming by Marianne Hering and Nancy I. Sanders.   Once again I wasn’t disappointed. The Redcoats Are Coming! (AIO Imagination Station Books) The Imagination Station books follow 2 cousins Patrick and Beth who travel back in time in Mr. Whittaker’s Imagination Station–yes, the same one from Odyssey if you are familiar with the Adventures in Odyssey stories. These chapter books are written for early readers; they’re perfect for {Read More}

Adventures in Odyssey A.C.T.S. Summer of Service: Post #2, with Giveaway

Last month I told you about the Adventures in Odyssey A.C.T.S. Summer of Service Project. Today we’ll see how everyone is doing and have a GIVEAWAY of the first 3 Imagination Station books! Theme: Imagine creative and fun ways to serve using your unique gifts! Unleashing Imagination Children are spending more and more time in front of TVs, iPads, computers, and video games. That doesn’t leave much room for kids to dream up their own visual images—like the ones that fill {Read More}

Review/Giveaway of “Hunt for the Devil’s Dragon”, Imagination Station Book #11

  Wow- we’re up to eleven Imagination Station books now!  Today’s review is of Hunt for the Devil’s Dragon by Marianne Hering and Wayne Thomas Batson, published by Focus on the Family. The basic storyline is that a dragon is supposedly attacking the people of a town in Libya during the Middle Ages.  Cousins Patrick and Beth travel back in time in Odyssey’s Imagination Station and meet 2 kids from the town.  They go with them and work with others {Read More}

Review of Imagination Station Book # 10: “Challenge on the Hill of Fire”

Today’s review is of the brand new Imagination Station book Challenge on the Hill of Fire by Marianne Hering and Nancy I. Sanders. It’s a very timely story because cousins Patrick and Beth travel in the Imagination Station back in time to meet St. Patrick! How interesting to learn about the dark culture in which St. Patrick lived in Ireland.  The Druids were a wicked, cruel ruling religious group who enslaved and sacrificed many people.  Patrick and the other followers of Christ were able {Read More}

Imagination Station Books #8 and #9 Review and Giveaway

I’m happy to share with you today a review of the newest Imagination Station books presented by Focus on the Family and published by Tyndale. They tell the adventures of cousins Beth and Patrick as they travel back in time through the Imagination Station of Odyssey (for all you Adventures in Odyssey fans!). We were once again not disappointed by this series. I love that they are written for younger kids. My 9 and 10-year-olds especially enjoyed reading them to {Read More}

Imagination Station- My kids’ review

I’ve had a really fun week doing this blog tour!  I hope you’ve enjoyed it, too.  I thought I’d leave you with a few reviews from my kids! My 9-year-old said he liked book # 5 (Showdown With the Shepherd) about David and Goliath the best of all six.  He liked how Hugh tried to change history but couldn’t.  This boy has had a harder time getting into reading on his own.  I feel the Imagination Station books gave him {Read More}

Imagination Station- What the future holds

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Q and A with Marianne Hering, main series author of the Imagination Station book series.  Here are a few more insights from her, and she tells us about the next books which will come out. Be sure to leave a comment again today to be entered into the drawing for all 6 Imagination Station books! Imagination Station Blog Tour Q&A with Marianne Hering 9. What do you hope kids will walk away with after reading Imagination {Read More}

Imagination Station- More Q and A with Marianne Hering

Be sure to leave a comment today to be entered in the giveaway for a drawing of the first 6 books of the series!  You can leave a comment each day this week, for a total of 5 entries.                      Imagination Station Blog Tour Q&A with Marianne Hering 5. These books are geared towards young readers, ages 7 and up. What is the number one issue that children learning to read {Read More}

Imagination Station–Meet the Authors, Q and A

Yesterday, I shared about a wonderful new series called Imagination Station which is historical fiction written for early readers (ages 7 and up).  If you’d like to receive a copy of all six Imagination Station books, join our giveaway!  Just leave a comment each day this week (total of 5 entries available per person).  The winner will be randomly chosen next Monday, November 14. Today, I’d love to introduce you to the authors:   Paul McCusker (creative director) has written {Read More}

Imagination Station blog tour book review and giveaway

                     I am excited to introduce you to a great new book series called the Imagination Station series.  Do you recognize “Imagination Station?”  Yes, it’s the time machine from Adventures in Odyssey!  These books are historical fiction using the tool of the Imagination Station to send Patrick and Beth, cousins, to different past historical time periods.  It’s described as a Christian version of Magic Tree House.  We were given a set {Read More}