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10+ Incredibly Fun Ways to Prepare Your Students for the Olympics

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It’s almost one of my favorite times, the Olympics!  Find some really fun ways to prepare your students for the Olympics below.

Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through affiliate links in this post.

The Olympics Online Unit Study

I love the Online Unit Studies from Techie Homeschool Mom. Check out the 2024 Summer Games Online Unit Study to learn about the History of the Olympics, the Traditions of the Olympics, Becoming an Olympian, and specifics about 2021 Summer Games. Along with hands-on activities, students will create a collection of online puzzles to share what they learn!

2024 Summer Olympics online unit study

If you haven’t checked out any of the Online Unit Studies before, what sets them apart is that they have everything you need right there in the online course! No books to find and pick up at the library or things to print out. Even the activities are online, such as creating a slide show or editing a photo.

What you get in the Summer Games Online Unit Study:

  • Videos and links are included.
  • Learn about the Ancient Olympics.
  • Do an online word search.
  • Create a quiz comparing the Ancient and Modern Olympics with an online tool called Educaplay.
  • Learn about the Creed, Motto, and Oath of the Olympics.
  • Read about the Torch, Rings, and Mascots.
  • Make medals.
  • Do an Olympic trial.
  • Learn about the athletes and the events.
  • Geography lesson and the venues of the Olympics.
  • Learn to make a Google Docs spreadsheet to keep a medal count.
  • Other suggested online activities.
  • Online book ideas.

Find the Ancient Greece online Unit Study here.

Olympic Medals Stem Graph

Get the free Olympic Medals Stem Graph here.

Olympics STEM activity to create graphs with Google Sheets, from Techie Homeschool Mom

Here’s another idea: summer olympics activities.

15-Minute Music Lesson on Music of the Olympics

How about learning about the music you’ll hear during the Olympics? You’ll love this 15-Minute Music Freebie on Music of the Olympics from Music in Our Homeschool. It comes with a free printable pack as well.

15-Minute Music Lesson Freebie_ Music of the Olympics

The free downloadable printable pack includes

  • Music lesson plan
  • Brass family of the orchestra
  • Quiz about the brass family
  • “Listen and Draw” page


Chalk Art Creations

Use art to learn more about the Olympics with the Summer Games Video Art Lessons here:

Summer Games video art lessons

Also available are:

Winter Art Video Art Lessons and Olympic Rings Chalk Art Tutorial.

Winter Games Video Art Lessons

Host an Olympics Games Event

See lots of pictures of our homeschool co-op’s Olympic Games event here and the different game ideas we did here.

How to Host an Olympic Games Event

Use Lego Bricks to Create Olympic Scenes

Read more about this fun activity here.

Use Lego bricks to create a fun scene depicting the Olympics. From Homeschool fun.

Ancient Olympic Activities

Adventures in Mommydom describes some fun activities you can do when studying the ancient Olympics, such as sock wrestling and making a victory wreath!

Free Olympics Lapbook

This free Olympics Lapbook is focused on the summer Olympics, but some of the information can be used to learn about the winter Olympics as well.

Winter Olympics Printables

There are some cute winter Olympics printables here.

Winter Olympics Themed Math Pages

Do math on these Winter Olympics themed math pages.

Ancient Greece and the Olympics Unit Study resources

Join Hide the Chocolate in a 4-week unit study of Ancient Greece and the Olympics.

More Olympics Resources

You’ll find a variety of different resources for studying the Olympics here.

Learn about Olympian Jim Thorpe

How about a study of a specific Olympic athlete? Here is a unit study on Olympian Jim Thorpe.

Create an Olympic Ring Graph

This is a neat STEM activity ~ create an Olympic Ring Graph.

Greek Olympics Lesson Ideas

Make a torch, read about Greek myths, and more with these Greek Olympics Lesson Ideas here.

2023 Free Book Lists graphic
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  2. Thanks for sharing this online study and giveaway!

  3. We work through the science & math of some of the events and try our home versions of others (curling is a great way to get your floors scrubbed!).

  4. Robin Guertin says:

    Thank you for the chance to win and for all of the resources, this is great!

  5. We’re actually doing some Bible school units on the Olympics that we got from Children’s Ministry Deals, but we would love to have another unit to go along with it. Thanks so much!

  6. I am not sure what activity I will use. Since both of my teens are studying physics this year We will definitely look at the physics of different events.

  7. This is so much fun. I worked for the Salvation Army’s Olympic ministry in Salt Lake City for the 2002 Winter Olympics. I have a huge collection of Olympic pins that I’ve never shown the 12 year old. I’m going to pull them out and explain where they all came from. We had 400 ministry organizations working with us from all over the world. It is a great time to show him missions in action!

  8. Kahri Lynn says:

    I would LOVE to win this! It looks awesome!!

  9. I plan to have the kids listen to some of the Olympic Music (The kids and I love the Music in Our Homeschool! We have almost all of the courses she offers.) We will read some books about the history of the Olympics and Greek Myths. Then make a few crafts including the olympic torch.

  10. Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome resource! We will read books and listen to music to prepare for an Olympic Celebration!

  11. I think we will study Ancient Greece and the Olympics. Thanks for the great resources!

  12. We’re doing a study on ancient Greece and the Olympics. We’ll be doing our own version of the Olympic games and making wreath crowns.

  13. We’re going to do STEMand computer related activities leading up to the Olympics.

  14. Nicole Cannon says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. Christie Miller says:

    I am definitely thinking about using the online unit study for the Olympics!

  16. We watched _Chariots of Fire_ last night. 🙂

  17. I’m just thrilled we’ll get to watch some of the Olympics this year! We don’t have a TV at home, but are staying with grandparents nearer the hospital while we await the birth of baby #5. Cool Runnings, anyone? 🙂

  18. We don’t get to watch directly on TV and I have wanted to share some of the excitement of following the events and personal stories of the Olympics. This would be great!

  19. We have actually held our own Olympics before. We have learned about the Olympic Flame, the rings, how they decide where the next one will be held.

  20. Looking forward to our first unit study this year

  21. I love the idea of using excel/google spreadsheets to track the medals and since we are hoping to learn more computer skills this year, this a great way to do it.

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