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4 Moms 35+ Kids e-book on sale for only $3

Today begins a new sale for this great e-book written by 4 moms who have 35 + kids (a couple are pregnant 🙂  ).  Only $3!

I’ve really been enjoying reading my copy.  These ladies are very funny!  They have so much content in the e-book (195 pages!), but also lots of links to their blogs where you can read even more about the subject.


Here are the chapter titles, and each of the four moms answer these questions:

How do you get your family to church on time?

How do you teach children to be still and quiet in church?

How do you prepare children to be around unbelieving

How do you keep things fair for all your children?

How do you keep your patience in the midst of chaos?

How do you manage outings with only little ones?

Do you ever feel discouraged or overwhelmed?

How do you make sure your children get enough individual

Naps: How important are they? How do you make them

How do you find time for projects that need to be done,
require focused attention and which the children can’t help

How do you teach your children to do chores?

How do you teach children to be diligent?

Which parenting style is best?

How do you teach your children about the birds and the

How do you deal with sibling squabbles?

It’s on sale right now, so if you’d like to get it for $3 rather than $7.99, use the code 3DAYSALE !

Click here to visit 4 Moms 35 Kids to learn more about the book and to purchase it.  Remember the code 3DAYSALE !


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