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5 Reasons Preschoolers Need Music

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Preschoolers Need Music

Before my homeschool mom days, I was a music teacher, and I’d love to share with you today why it’s important to give your preschoolers a start in music education even while they’re young.

Below are 5 reasons Why–and to read 5 ways How to “Teach” music to your preschoolers, be sure to head over to the Educents blog where I’m guest posting today!

1.  Most children can be musical talented if they are exposed to a musical environment at an early age (before age 9).  You can help them reach their full musical potential by making their musical environment rich and full.

2.  The vast majority of music that children hear today–on the radio, in apps, in toys, in church, and on TV shows (such as Barney) is very simple in its meter, rhythms, harmonies, instrumentation, and style.  You can provide your children with variety, especially with more complexity than what they are usually hearing.

3.  A lot of children’s music that you can hear on CDs and the internet (YouTube) gives very poor examples of singing.  The childen are doing what I call sing-yelling.  You can provide your children with examples of beautiful, excellent, on-pitch singing which will help them sing beautifully and on pitch themselves one day!

4.  It’s important to help children increase readiness for audiation.  Audiation is the ability to hear the music and beat in one’s mind when there is no music being played.  If preschoolers can start to sing on pitch and feel the big beats of the music, they will be prepared to audiate as they grow.

5.  We want our young children to form as many neural pathways and connections as possible in their rapidly growing brains.  This is one reason why musical children typically do better at learning in many other areas of life.

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