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5 Tips for an Awesome Homeschool Schoolroom

Do you have a homeschool schoolroom? It’s certainly possible to be quite successful in homeschooling without one, and we didn’t always have one. We do now, and I’m happy to share with you now 5 Tips for an Awesome Homeschool Schoolroom. But, feel free to adapt these tips for anyplace where you homeschool!

5 Tips for an Awesome Homeschool Schoolroom

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Have your Computers Facing Out & Use Headphones

We have 8 children, so we have slowly added more computers as the kids have grown since several of their subjects are done on the computer (Teaching Textbooks math, IXL grammar for middle school, Touch Type Read and Spell for typing, IEW Phonics Zoo for spelling, and coding practice with Sonic Pi and Scratch).

In 2020, my kids are now using Masterpiece Society for art as well!

One tip that I have is to make sure the computers are facing out. It makes it easy for me to glance at the screens to see what each student is working on and helps keep them accountable. We also have headphones that help the kids be able to concentrate more easily, whether they are listening to the lesson with the computer or sitting in the room at their desk doing other schoolwork.

5 Tips for an Awesome Homeschool Schoolroom from I Choose Joy!

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Colorful Educational Posters (alphabet, multiplication, and science)

Colorful Educational Posters!

Put Educational Things on the Walls in your Homeschool Schoolroom

One of the fun things about having the luxury of your own schoolroom is having more freedom with what you put on the walls since this room isn’t frequented as often by guests. I fill my walls with maps,

5 Tips for an Awesome Homeschool Schoolroom from I Choose Joy!

educational posters (such as this one about fall leaves),

5 Tips for an Awesome Homeschool Schoolroom from I Choose Joy!

calendar & weather chart, motivational posters,

5 Tips for an Awesome Homeschool Schoolroom from I Choose Joy!

and art that we use for art appreciation and picture study.

5 Tips for an Awesome Homeschool Schoolroom from I Choose Joy!

I have a stack of the kids’ artwork that I’m going to frame and put up on the wall as well.

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2 Alphabet

3 Life Cycle

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Multiplication Tables

Organize books by subject or category

We are blessed to have so many built-in bookcases in this house. I highly recommend them if you are designing your own room! I organize my books and resources by subjects or categories such as math, science, phonics, grammar, art, music, etc. My history books are separated by the four divisions of history that we follow with Tapestry of Grace and the three years we aren’t using presently are in closed-off cabinets in our living room.

5 Tips for an Awesome Homeschool Schoolroom

Each Student has His or Her Own Desk

Getting a desk for each of my kids was a decision I made many years ago. I kept an eye out on our county-wide homeschool Yahoo group for free or cheap desks that others were getting rid of. (Now, you can check Facebook Marketplace or Craig’s List!)

We have had several different types, such as the metal type of desks that high school students used to use in public schools with the attached chair attached and the lid that opened where you can store things inside and different desks you see in this picture. I purchased this wooden desk at a garage sale:

5 Tips for an Awesome Homeschool Schoolroom from I Choose Joy!

What I find most useful in having each student with their own desk is that they can keep their books, notebooks, and supplies more easily accessible and organized. At this point, each of the three youngest students has an individual desk, the older elementary students use the other side of the large desk in the middle of the room (with drawers),

5 Tips for an Awesome Homeschool Schoolroom

and my middle schooler and high schooler have desks in their bedrooms where they do most of their reading and written work so it’s quieter for them.

Have Supplies Handy for Use

I have accumulated supplies throughout the years to make our homeschooling easier such as a three-hole punch, printer/copier, and laminator. The laminator is in a nearby drawer in the homeschool schoolroom. The others are sitting right on top where they are easy to get to and use.

5 Tips for an Awesome Homeschool Schoolroom from I Choose Joy!

Morning Basket Set-up

Every morning at 9 a.m. All the kids meet together with me in the living room for our Morning Time (also called Morning Basket Time or Circle Time by some homeschoolers). I recently got this new basket that I LOVE for our books and supplies that I set on the end table by the couch.

I also use my laptop, smart TV (with Apple screen share), and a blue tooth speaker to do some of our morning time subjects, such as science with No Sweat Nature Study, music appreciation with Music in Our Homeschool Plus, art appreciation with Masterpiece Society, and current events with World Watch News.

Homeschool Morning Basket set-up

What’s in it?

(See links to these in my Amazon store here or at individual links below.)

Homeschool Morning Basket set-up Homeschool Morning Basket set-up Homeschool Morning Basket set-up Homeschool Morning Basket set-up

More Tips for your Homeschool Schoolroom

At our old house, we transformed our dining room into a homeschool schoolroom. (We had a large breakfast area next to the kitchen and didn’t need a separate dining room). My husband put in a long shelf for computers and cabinets to keep books and supplies organized. We used an armoire for more homeschool book and supply storage. Most other books were stored upstairs on various bookshelves in various rooms.

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5 Tips for an Awesome Homeschool Schoolroom

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  1. I love the shelves for all of the books, and the computers facing out would help me to check on all the kids and view their work simultaneously.

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