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5 Ways to Maintain Your Weight Through the Holidays

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If you’re like me, you have already started being tempted with extra treats that always seem to be present this time of year. We had our annual Thanksgiving dinner at church last Sunday, with lots of yummy food and desserts. Thanksgiving is coming. And Christmas parties. And food presents. And Christmas. And New Year’s Eve. Eek! For the last few years, I’ve gained weight that I then had to work hard in January to get off. I’d really like to keep at a steady weight this year. So, here are 5 Ways to Maintain Your Weight Through the Holidays.

5 Ways to Maintain Your Weight Through the Holidays

5 Ways to Maintain Your Weight Through the Holidays

  1. Drink Water – Have a nice water bottle and keep sipping all day long! It will help you feel full and keep you stronger to say no to temptations.
  2. Small Portions – You can eat (mostly) what you want, but eat smaller portions!
  3. Less Sugar – Think twice about every sugary or white-flour filled treat that appears before you. Should you have this one, or save for one that will appear later?
  4. Exercise – You choose what type. Here is what I’m doing: T-Tapp Basic Workout (also known as Basic Workout Plus or Basic Plus) every other day. It’s a 15-minute workout that works all muscles; combines strength, cardio, and stretching; doesn’t require equipment or much space; and works for all body types and fitness levels!
  5. More Fiber – Eat more fresh veggies; salads are great!  I also like this fiber powder that I put in smoothies and oatmeal. Fiber is filling, healthy for you, and is usually low in calories.

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  2. Thanks, I’ll take all the help I can get. I love holiday food! lol Happy Thanksgiving!

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