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A New Way to Clean

When we moved into our house, my first child was 11 days old.  I wasn’t prepared for motherhood and for figuring out how to clean my whole house at the same time!  So, my husband graciously allowed me to get a cleaning service at least every 6 weeks, but more often once a month.  And, for the last year, it’s been every two weeks.

But, I’ve decided it’s time to move forward and do it ourselves!  Two things have occured that will make easier to do.  First, my oldest kids are now 5 and 6 years old.  They can do so much–vacuum, wipe of the kitchen table, mop, dust, clean windows, etc.  And, I have more energy than I used to.  I am convinced that my increase in energy is due to the new vitamins I started taking about 7 months ago.  They’re called SuperMom, and you can find them here.
By the way, you don’t have to be a mom or even a woman to take these vitamins.  They’re great!

I’ve finally switched to non-toxic cleaners so that my kids can clean.   (I used to lock myself in the bathroom, so that they could get nowhere near the cleaning solutions!)  I got some great products from Shaklee: a basic cleaner which can also be mixed up for a window cleaner and a germicide.  (If you’d like to try some, here is my friend’s website so you can order through her.  They are also having a special right now where you can get free membership–$19.95 value–through May 20.)  I also found a great microfiber dusting cloth from Target for about $4.  It holds the dust in it, without using cleaners, and then you just wash it in the washer.  Yesterday, I taught my boys how to mop.  I use a mop which is like the Swiffer, but you can refill the container.  I dumped out the cleaner that came with it and put hot water with a little bit of Shaklee Basic H.  Today as a consequence for one of my son’s arguing and complaining, I added some extra cleaning chores for him: dusting the blinds, cleaning the front door, and cleaning the glass doors of the fireplace.  It is so nice to be able to let them use cleaners that work well that are safe for them!

The next step is to figure out who will do each chore and when.  I’m ordering Managers of Their Homes and Managers of Their Chores  to help me with this task. 

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  1. TwaddleMeNot says:

    I'm so impressed, Gena, I need to start teaching my girls how to do a bit more cleaning! I did switch to making our cleaners, though, and am SO much more happy with them than I was with the nasty, smelly chemical ones. I think I'd like to hire someone to clean this house and my new one when we move, but I doubt it will end up in the budget!!! Have a great week!


  2. REInvestor says:

    And have for years. I "sell" them in a really passive way, enough for me to use anyway. Also white vinegar works great for cleaning, diluted in water. That is my dh's favorite.

    As far as assigning and teaching the chores, I am not as good at that. We just implemented paying our kids for certain chores. My dd, 9, has the job of cleaning the kitchen floor each week and if she does a good job and doesn't have to be told to do it, etc. she will be paid a dollar. For other jobs she doesn't get paid, but this is in lieu of an allowance.

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