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Africa Unit Study and Lapbook

We have finished our Africa study!  Another great learning time!
We started out by going over to the house of some friends of ours.  The older couple were missionaries in Liberia in the 1970s.  And their daughter spent last year as a missionary in Ghana.  They gave us a wonderful presentation of the foods there–fruits such as plaintain, cassava, bananas, papaya, edo, and mango.  She fried some of them, and others we ate raw.  We also had plaintain chips.  It was all very yummy!  For lunch she made rice with a greens and beef topping.
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They shared some clothing, jewelry, pictures, and lots of stories with us, too.  What a blessing to have friends to help our children learn.

My 8 yo son dressed up for a safari:

We read a great biography (YWAM) of the exciting life of David Livingstone.
Here are the other books we read:

Africa Books:

Africa (Ayo)

Traditional Crafts from Africa (Temko)

Zebras (Stewart)

Zebras: Habitats, Life Cycles, Food Chains, Threats (Penny)

Life in Ancient Africa (Richardson)

Little Elephant (Lincoln)

African Critters (Haas)

Honey, Honey, Lion! (Brett)

Senegal (Berg)

Senegal (Beaton)

How Many Spots Does a Cheetah Have? (Jones)


From Kratt Brothers:  Maximum Cheetah Velocity,  African Creature Quest, Checkin Out Chimps

Moody Science Video: Ultimate Adventure

And now pictures from our lapbook.  The materials came from Teacher Book Bag Continental Hop Africa and Little Continental Hop Africa and from the Project Pack Zebras from Hands of a Child.

Animal tracks, match the animal with its skin pattern, Africa’s Super Predator (mosquito), special animal relationships, prey/predator/scavenger.

Hunting/culling/poaching, number fun from 1-10, different habitats

nature preserves and farms, menu for West African Groundnut Stew (which we ate a few days ago)

range of zebra habitats, stripes, animals in the different African habitats, comparing horses and zebras

zebra senses, classification, and mamas & babies

zebra ear communication, 3 types of zebras, mini biography of David Livingstone

zebra anatomy, zebra predators, zebra diet

zebra habitats and facts

African animal ABCs

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