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Beautiful Worship ~ A New Way to Get Close to God This Year

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As the new year starts I am always excited to find a new devotional guide or Bible reading plan to keep my love of reading God’s Word fresh. Let me introduce you to Beautiful Worship, a brand new guide from Misty Leask designed to deepen your Bible study and strengthen your faith! And be sure to take advantage of the special launch pricing. 🙂

scripture study, bible study, beautiful worship, christian faith

As Christian women, we know that we need to spend time in God’s Word, but as moms our plates are so full it sometimes seems impossible. The truth is that if we would learn to make the time for Bible study, not only would we benefit, but so would our families.

Struggles in Studying the Bible

Do you have some of these struggles?

  • How to study the Bible?
  • Where to begin reading?
  • What should we be getting from personal Bible study?

The first step? Getting started . . .

Beautiful Worship: A Christian Faith and Scripture Study Guide

Inside Beautiful Worship, you will find tools that will help you not only start reading and studying God’s Word, but it will help you create a Bible Study time that you will look forward to each day!

Beautiful Worship Features and Which are My Favorites:

  • Contains 830 pages! Pick and choose what works best for you.
  • Scripture Reading Plans – Various options to study God’s Word in new ways. I love the different choices: a 2-year read-through-the-Bible plan, a 2-year chronological reading plan, a 5-year plan. Check-off lists are perfect for keeping in your Bible as a bookmark.
  • Scripture Reading Plan Study Pages – These are great for helping you dig deeper as you read every book of the Bible. There are pretty journaling pages for each book of the Bible.
  • Scripture Word Study Pages – These are to urge you to discover what the Bible says about specific words. This is what I’m starting with. Misty gives a suggested word of the month to study–Grace for January and Anger/Wrath for February. And, of course, lovely journaling pages are included to guide you through the word studies, 5 for each word.
  • Scripture Journaling Pages – I love these pages for sharing what God’s Word is speaking to your heart as you study. Misty gives suggested Scripture passages.
  • Scripture Writing Selections – These pages encourage your heart when you need it the most. I’m excited about using these. There are lines to write and the Scripture reference is at the bottom of the page.
  • Scripture Writing Pages – to hide God’s Word in your heart by writing them down
  • Prayer Selections – to comfort you when you can’t find the words to pray
  • Prayer Writing Pages – to pour out your heart to the One who loves you the most
  • Prayer Requests – to assist you in becoming a better prayer warrior
  • Hymn Study Selections – to deepen your walk with God. This section includes a YouTube playlist of some wonderful hymns–love it!
  • Hymn Study Pages – to aid in learning more about the words and author’s behind hymns
  • Hymn Writing Pages – to write the words of hymns that stir your spirit
  • Give Thanks Pages – to remember all the gifts God has given you
  • Faith Writing Prompt Selections – to prompt you to look back on how far you’ve come
  • Faith Writing Prompt Pages – to motivate you to leave behind a faith-filled legacy
  • Faith Journaling – to inspire you to write your story
  • Monthly Calendar – to plan your monthly Bible studies
  • Weekly Calendar – to track what you need to read/do each week

scripture study, bible study, beautiful worship, christian faith

Sample Pages

If you’d like to see a few sample pages of Beautiful Worship, please click here.

Whether you’re ready to start a new Bible Study routine, need help studying God’s Word or desire to take your personal devotions to a deeper level, Beautiful Worship has everything you need!

Suggestions for Printing and Binding Your Beautiful Worship Guide

After going through the 830 pages and choosing which pages will work best for you this year, send an email to [email protected] with which pages you want printed, type of paper, binding, etc. (Include my name Gena Mayo to get 10% off!) See more details at

scripture study, bible study, beautiful worship, christian faith


(Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of Beautiful Worship in order to honestly review it here. This post also contains affiliate links.)

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